Small group discussion cards based on Josiah [Freebie Friday]

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Josiah Road actually has a slew of free stuff on their site, but the one I want to highlight today is a free PDF download of cards you and print out and use in a small group setting with some students. Here’s what they said to me about the cards:

To most effectively way to use the cards, is for a youth leader to identify three to six students that are interested in meeting once a week at an off-site location, such as a fast food restaurant, coffee shop, etc. (not the church campus).

Once the group is together, ask someone to open in prayer. Pass the cards out to the students and ask each student to read aloud the verse(s) and discussion question(s) on their card. This is not intended to be an elaborate study, but a relaxed, low-key time with students.

It is solely designed to get students together on their own time to talk about God’s Word and to develop meaningful Christ-centered relationships. In building these relationships, we hope to influence students to repeat this pattern long after they leave home.

To me, the cards look like the perfect tool to use in working with student leaders since the questions are based on the life of Josiah and lessons we learn from his leadership.

You can get the cards from Josiah Road’s free section, or use the link below to download the PDF directly.

LinkDownload “Found” video and discussion guide

Posted on July 15, 2011

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