Stepping down from my youth ministry position

Moving from Texas to MinnesotaMy time in the Dallas area has come to an end. Dana and I have enjoyed our time here and will miss all our dear friends, our church and the students we’ve come to love so very deeply over the past several years. It wasn’t an easy decision by any means, but we feel that the Lord has led us to accept a new youth ministry position at a church in Minnesota. We’re excited about the move and the ministry God has in store for us there, but it’s still hard to leave our comfort zone here in Dallas and transition to the opposite side of the country. It’s especially difficult for my wife, a born and raised Texan, who’s never seen more than two inches of snow in her life and is leaving all of her family behind. Fortunately, my whole side of the family seems to be migrating to the Minneapolis area, so Dana and I are looking forward to settling closer to them as my two sisters-in-law both deliver new Schmoyer babies into the family this summer. It looks like my sister will also be moving there within a couple months and possibly my parents whenever they finally retire.

So now comes the crazy time of packing, saying goodbyes, leaving security and venturing out into something new. Pray for us as all this continues to unfold and I use my final couple weeks here in Dallas to set up as smooth of a transition as possible. Our last Sunday here is Sunday, February 11, and I officially start at Alexandria Evangelical Covenant Church the very next week, February 18, as their new Youth Pastor.

You can check out my wife’s blog post about it here.

Posted on January 8, 2007

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