Stepping down from my youth ministry position

Moving from Texas to MinnesotaMy time in the Dallas area has come to an end. Dana and I have enjoyed our time here and will miss all our dear friends, our church and the students we’ve come to love so very deeply over the past several years. It wasn’t an easy decision by any means, but we feel that the Lord has led us to accept a new youth ministry position at a church in Minnesota. We’re excited about the move and the ministry God has in store for us there, but it’s still hard to leave our comfort zone here in Dallas and transition to the opposite side of the country. It’s especially difficult for my wife, a born and raised Texan, who’s never seen more than two inches of snow in her life and is leaving all of her family behind. Fortunately, my whole side of the family seems to be migrating to the Minneapolis area, so Dana and I are looking forward to settling closer to them as my two sisters-in-law both deliver new Schmoyer babies into the family this summer. It looks like my sister will also be moving there within a couple months and possibly my parents whenever they finally retire.

So now comes the crazy time of packing, saying goodbyes, leaving security and venturing out into something new. Pray for us as all this continues to unfold and I use my final couple weeks here in Dallas to set up as smooth of a transition as possible. Our last Sunday here is Sunday, February 11, and I officially start at Alexandria Evangelical Covenant Church the very next week, February 18, as their new Youth Pastor.

You can check out my wife’s blog post about it here.

Posted on January 8, 2007

  • Blessings as you go.

    Andi & I know all about moving across the country… its a pretty crazy ride, but the lessons you learn along the way are priceless.

  • It is a tough transition, but if its where God is leading then not going will be even worse. My family is going into its 7th month at a new church, along way from where we started our family. Like you, it is closer to our family (though still 6 hours away) and that has been a huge blessing.

    I’ll be praying for safety for the trip and for the last few weeks that you can leave with integrity and make the most of the few days left with the people.

  • Tim

    Ben, Dana and I have already learned so much about ourselves and how we do ministry through this process (a blog post coming on that within a day or two) that I can only imagine how much learning is left.

    Mike, thanks for your prayers and encouragement! It’s hard to give up a ministry you’ve dedicated countless hours to over several years, but I know this is what God wants from us — to release our grip and realize these students ultimately belong to Him, not me.

  • CBQ

    Congratulations on the new job! been there done that with the whole leaving and moving thing, its tough. Plus, my guess is the ministry situation will be a little different from Dallas to Alex. My Pastor here announced to the congregation yesterday that his last Sunday will be the 11th as well, after being pastor here for 18 years.

    The Alex area is beautiful though, I am going skiing there this weekend with my youth. Ok, I am not skiing, because I would break myself, but the youth are! Check out Runestone Park sometime. That is where we are staying, and I hear it is pretty cool, with a year-round camping facility. I grew up in Detroit Lakes, about 2 hours north of Alex. I am a big fan of MN, and keep trying to get back there.

    Peace be with you, and my prayers will be with you! my prayers will also be for your church and for the youth of the congregation, both of the one you are departing, and the one you are heading to. My you be a blessing and be blessed by both.

    God’s Peace,


  • Tim

    Jenna, I miss skiing so much! I grew up in Pennsylvania and loved to ski in the Pocono mountains whenever we went. I’m looking forward to doing more of it in Minnesota. Plus, my wife agreed to let me buy a snowmobile sometime, too! :)

    The ministry situation between Dallas and Alexandria is already pretty clear. In the Dallas area I work with people who are pretty tech-oriented. Teens play video games, they all have iPods, they hang out on MySpace and YouTube, etc. From the very limited time I’ve had with Alexandria students, it seems like they’re more outdoors oriented. Any why wouldn’t they be with all the nice lakes, ice fishing, broomball, snowmobiles, hunting, jet skis, and everything else available there? It’ll be a shift for me to approach ministry a little differently there (for example, website announcements might not be the best form of communication), but that would be true no matter where I go.

    Thanks for your prayers, Jenna! They are greatly appreciated.

  • roy

    all the best over these weeks and many blessings for the future role, sounds exciting.

  • Tim

    Thanks, Roy!

  • Congrats Tim, that sounds really exiting for you guys. Moving across the country was the best thing I have ever done. I believe you will feel the same way. I am excited to follow your journey.

  • Buster’s Mom

    Tim and Dana,

    Thank you for hearing and trusting the plan of God for your lives at this time. Many prayers are being lifted up for your transition from Texas to Minnesota….God is in the details, okay?

    Buster will be hear to greet you!

    God Bless.

  • Congrats on the new position.

    Moving is tough, especially when it is a move that is far away and you are leaving a ministry that you love.

    Seven months ago, we move 10 hours to take a new ministry and we left a church that we left dearly and a ministry that we loved with all of our hearts.

    You will be in my prayers as this next month is going to be very hectic an it will be an emotional roller-coaster for you.

  • Tim

    Thanks for your prayers, Buster’s Mom and Jeff! It’s exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time.

  • God bless you in your new ministry.

  • Timmy,
    Our prayers are with you and Dana during these last few weeks of closing one chapter and opening another in your lives. He’s in control, just continue following His led !!
    Keep Looking Up,
    Kym and Jason

  • I’m an occasional stalker only and will go back to stalking after this. 26 years ago I was living in Alexandria. That is where God called me into youth ministry and that was also the best two years of my life. I have so many great memories there. Of course, Alex has changed much in 26 years. By the way, locals say “Alec” and out-of-towners say “Alex.”

    Prepare Dana for a long dreary winter. It will be very different for her.

    And I laughed when you thought you would go skiing in MN. Yes, you can down a small hill. The closest one is owned by the Anderson family, a long-time Christian family in the area. But skiing is a joke in MN. Stick with the snowmobile and enjoy that much.

    Of course, there is very little snow there now. A very odd occurrence.


  • Tim

    Brenda, that’s a bummer about no skiing. I was really looking forward to that. Either way, the skiing in MN has to be better than the skiing in Texas just because you guys actually have snow.

    I noticed the “Alex” vs “Alec” thing, too. Thanks for the tip! Now I can sound like a regular local, huh? ;)

  • Hey Tim…and Dana…we’ll be praying for you during the transition to the new ministry/culture/etc. I look forward to seeing how God uses both of you during this time. Sorry I’m just finding out about this now. I must have been out of town. I tried to catch up, but missed this BIG NEWS! Congrats on the new position.

  • bianca

    Does anyone know of a youth group in the pocono area that have a majority of teens. Also, that go snowboarding, skateboarding and other good events.

    Thank you!

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