Summer movie night idea for youth groups [video]

If you’re looking for a cheap and fun idea for your youth group during the summer, try doing an outdoor movie night. Hang a sheet on the outside of your house, bring in a sound system and video projector from church and wa-la! This video is how it works for us.

Important legal info for Movie Night
I mention this in the video, but I got it wrong. The license your church needs is called CVLI. You’ll need to keep a log of what movies you show and how many watched for reporting purposes. The license also does not cover charging an admission fee for video showings or where specific titles have been advertised or publicized ahead of time. However, it does cover manufactured DVD’s and video cassettes purchased, rented or borrowed. Check out more details at (Thanks to Darren Sutton on Facebook for the license info!)

VIDEO: Here’s how it worked for us last week

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Posted on August 31, 2010

  • we did this this summer.. we called it "Family Movie Night in the Park" it was a free event for the whole community, hosted by us.. we did it at our local arts centre, which was great as we had a rain location (as they have a beautiful building we could have used) but we only had 3 rain nights all summer.. we ran it every sunday night.. averaged about 70 people out every week.. ranging from small children up to very old folks! was a great event.. we even had a small cheap concession (popcorn and pop) and the funds generated we donated back to the community support network, which helps people in our community that are in need

    • Sweet! I like that you guys made it a family night. Maybe I'll do it that way next year for us, too.

  • also, instead of going with a church licensing company, we used a public company that gives licenses to just about everyone (including churches) we got a license for $300 to show as many movies as we want for a whole YEAR!! there are a few studios we can't show, but not many.. it was a canadian company.. so for any canadians wondering it was from Quebec

  • Greg Steele

    Great idea…we actually did the same thing, but did it around a pool and called it "Dive-In Movie Nite". Ask everyone to bring a float or tube and float around in the pool while we watch a movie.

    • Oh cool, I hadn't thought about trying to do it down on our lake. That's a good idea, too!

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