Ten commandments for surviving in youth ministry (7 of 10)

Ten commandments for surviving in youth ministry7. Thou shalt communicate as often as possible. Informed people are usually supportive people. Communicate well and often with your Sr. Pastor, other staff members, parents, students, volunteers and your spouse! Sharing ideas and plans will eliminate a lot of unnecessary problems. Furthermore, communicating struggles and ministry complications with your pastor on a regular basis will save your back and maybe even protect your job when a situation blows up. (I’ve experienced this first hand.) It also builds trust and an atmosphere of teamwork. If you’re not sure whether you’re presently communicating enough, err on the side of too much communication via a variety of methods rather than find out later that it wasn’t enough.

Posted on August 21, 2007

  • Then there’s the matter of communicating to people that communication needs be done by them, too. ;)

  • Tim

    Oh yeah, good call, Tony.

  • @ Smitty: Woah, consider yourself blessed to not be working with that guy anymore! One day he'll report to God for his arrogance.

  • Smitty

    Interesting insight. I agree. I always thought that communication between staff was the most important part in any ministry. I often communicated with my pastor on good things and bad. I told him of victories and excitement, and of times I was discouraged or upset by what someone said behind my back. In the end he cussed me out and told me I was weak, if I were a Christian I would not have these troubles and I would have joy. 1 week later I was fired according to the Bible which disqualified me from being a youth pastor. It has been hard on me and my family, please pray for us.

  • Smitty

    Thanx for the encouragement!

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