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Life In Student Ministry PodcastThere’s been a delay in the podcast production I announced two weeks ago due to my church’s old sound equipment being replaced for a reason — it doesn’t work! I figured we’d easily set up the old mixer and some mics in my office to record the podcasts, but it turns out that the old equipment is indeed old and either sounds terrible or is missing parts. So, Tuesday night my wife gave me permission to purchase a new mixer, which we promptly did minutes before Guitar Center closed. It’s all set up now and ready to record. Hopefully I’ll have an episode finished within a week or two depending on students’ availability.

For anyone new, here’s what the podcast is about:

The Life In Student Ministry Podcast is a discussion of real teenagers talking about real issues in their lives and culture around them. It is our desire that this podcast will be a valuable resource to parents and youth workers seeking to understand student culture and best help other students in our areas of discussion. Our goal is to be insightful, give ideas for effective youth ministry, open windows into youth culture and prompt thoughts for youth workers to discuss with their students.

Coming soon!

Posted on September 14, 2006

  • Phillip

    I wish I had known you were going to go buy the mixer. I can produce podcasts directly from my ipod. I have to purchase a $60 recorder that I hook up directly to my ipod and i can record straight to it and then download it to a third party publisher and publish it.

    I have to do podcasts for school and they gave me an ipod to use until i quit teaching! if you need help doing anything with our new podcasts, let me know and i will help!

  • Tim

    Yeah, I checked into that, but for our purposes it works better to have a mixer that accommodates several microphone inputs (one for myself and each student). My Creative Zen will also record like the iPod, but it picks up every little noise in the room. Your iPod recorder will be a good solution for us when we interview random kids on the street.

  • You’re welcome for your new mixer! ;) Don’t you love having a working wife! :-D

  • Tim,

    Here’s hoping you get your Podcast up and running. Isn’t it great to have that feeling of anticipation about a new project? If it means more relation with students for the sake of Jesus, it’s worth it all. That’s where my heart is.

    Oh, and by the way, you better give your wife a squeeze and a kiss dude!

  • Usually I put my foot down to spending any type of money for unnecessary things, but I figured since the mixer is going to be used for ministry and to help further the Kingom, that it’s a good investment. I’m excited for the vision Tim has for this and know his passion for it.

  • Hello Dana! You sound like my wife. Sometimes I start to drool over cool tech stuff, like the Treo 700 Palm phone I really want. After looking at the price I began to become fearful of even mentioning it to my wife. I did, but I mentioned it like “Oh, we can’t afford it. It’s $450 even with signing up for 2 more years with Sprint. Oh, well. Forget it.” Deep inside I’m devising creative ways to obtain it. :)

    Take care you two!

  • Hi Jimmybob! you never know when your wife will say yes though. While Tim was talking to the lady at the store about the mixer, and they didn’t have the one he initially wanted ’cause it was out of make, they only had the next step up, which was more expensive…anyways, he told her, “Well, I’m not sure if I’ll be there or not, I need to talk to my wife about it.” I think us wives are able to tell when you really want/need something, and we do like to make you happy. I would’ve said no to the phone though. :-P

    I’m just finding that guy’s toys are a lot more expensive than girl’s. Like today we spent less than $4 ’cause I wanted a new color of nail polish. :)

  • [Sigh] I’m never gonna get that phone.

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