Top 10 ways to loose your job in youth ministry

How to lose your job in youth ministryI don’t know where I originally got this. I was looking for something else on my computer when I stumbled across an old Word document from 2001 that contained this list. Thought might be a good way to start your Monday. :)

Top 10 Ways to Lose Your Job in Youth Ministry

If your going to lose your job, lose it in one of the top 10 ways!

10. Play Peanut Butter Chubby Bunnies to test the theory of this whole “Chubby Bunny” debate!

9. Leave your Pastor’s kid at an orphanage in Mexico on your annual mission trip.

8. Replace the grape juice with actual wine during communion (this would only really affect Baptists).

7. Teach girls how to smoke cigars and gamble their babysitting money in a game of poker at the girls junior high Bible Study (teaching them to tithe their winnings of course!).

6. Cut up the church’s choir robes to make flags for a capture the flag game.

5. Give your Sr. Pastor a free subscription to the Victoria Secret Catalog, sent to the church address!

4. Start a food fight at the annual church spaghetti feed!

3. Start a food fight during communion!

2. Finance the down-payment of your new mustang convertible through your youth petty cash fund.

1. Bring Bill Clinton out to speak at your True Love Waits Rally.

Posted on March 19, 2007

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