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Ustream.tvWe’re all used to the YouTube craze, but maybe there’s something new coming up: lets users broadcast live events over the web using only a webcam and an Internet connection. It’s features are still in beta, but so far they include scheduling events, sending invitations, chat sessions with viewers and archiving broadcasts for viewing at a later date. A whole slew of ideas come to mind about how I’d like to use this service in youth ministry.

  • Stream youth group meetings and events live on our upcoming website.
  • Give parents a live window into what we’re doing while on mission trips.
  • Let site viewers interact with my teaching by submitting their input on discussion questions for me to address live “on air.”
  • Create online discussion “small groups” of viewers using the video feed’s chat features.
  • Stream local school sporting events, band concerts and other school performances on our site and archive them for community students to view later.

Here’s my profile page. Add me as a friend if you sign up. Happy video streaming!


Posted on April 25, 2007

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