Warning: ministry can hinder your ministry

Ministry can hinder your ministryI’m sure we all agree that Jesus had a pretty incredible ministry. He came to earth with a specific mission from His Father and nothing deterred Him from it. Along the journey of fulfilling the mission, He ministered to many people. He healed people, encouraged people, challenged people, and taught people. Tens of thousands were impacted by His ministry.

But yet, for as many people as He helped, even more people were left unhealed, unchallenged, and untaught. Almost every day He traveled by communities that were full of of people who could’ve been blessed by His time and attention.

Not even Jesus tried to do it all.

Neither should your ministry.

Most of us will read this and intellectually agree, but far too many of us are acting like we’re greater than Jesus while leading ministries that are trying to out-perform Him.

Whether self-inflicted or not, relieve yourself of the pressure to lead your ministry in a lot of directions. Determine the vision God’s equipped your ministry to peruse the best. Know that mission. Focus on it. Let nothing deter you from it, not even other ministry opportunities.

Posted on April 27, 2010

  • Great encouragement Tim. I know that oftentimes I am tempted to reach beyond our mission and try to be all things to all teens, even at the expense of shortchanging the ones that I am already investing into.

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  • Great reminder, Tim. Thanks!

  • BJW

    Thanks Tim. I really needed that.

  • I needed that, too. I wrote it mostly as a reminder for myself.

  • I think someone wrote a book about this :)

    • Really? Is it Mad Church Disease? If so, I haven't read it. Sorry! :x

    • Really? Is it Mad Church Disease? If so, I haven't read it. Sorry! :x

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