Welcome my new little daughter to the world!

Schmoyer family

This post is a bit overdue, as any of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter know, but I’m excited to share that two weeks ago my wife gave birth to our third child! We had a little girl and named her Halle Journey Schmoyer.

As with our other two children, we gave Halle a name that we hope projects an identity on to her as she grows up.

“Halle” is the first 5 letters of the world Hallelujah, the universal word for worship that we’ve encountered on every international missions trip we’ve been on. My wife and I hope her life reflects a life of worship, even cross-culturally.

And “Journey” reminds us (and later, her) that we are all on a journey to a city, a New Jerusalem, that is coming (Revelation 21:1-2). Each of us plays a small character in a small story inside of God’s bigger story that culminates in this city. We want Halle’s hope to rest in being a faithful character in God’s bigger story as together we journey to that city.

If you’d like to see our family vlog of Halle’s birth, you can watch it here on YouTube (totally safe for work, I promise! haha). We also have the video of our family of five coming together for the first time. Halle’s older brother and sister are enthralled with her! It’s so much fun to watch the kids interact. Too many of those pictures are already on Instagram. :)

For those of you who followed along online, thank you for your prayers and support while my wife went through the labor and delivery! Both her and the baby are home and doing great. Now all we need is sleep.

Posted on February 11, 2013

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