What you need outside your church [video]

I’ve kinda always known this was true, but lately I’m really seeing the value of the lesson I’m learning in ministry right now.

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Posted on August 18, 2010

  • Great point. One of the things our seminary required was taking part in a "Training and Mentoring" program. Throughout seminary, I had two mentors I'd meet with every other week, one who was not a part of our church. When I moved to Utah a year ago, one of the biggest blessings was getting to know a couple of pastors in the area who I have coffee with every now and again and just talk about how things are going. I didn't really seek it out, but God knew what I needed. We're so close to everything at our church, other people outside the church can help us step back and gain a little perspective sometimes.

  • For years now I have had someone that isn't even in youth ministry or my church but is a Godly man that I go to for advice, prayer and an ear that will listen.

  • brentlacydotcom

    Absolutely great idea. I have a few guys that I can call anytime day or night, and they can do the same.

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