Why do people attend church? [Links ‘n Vids]

Here’s this week’s video highlighting in 90 seconds what stood out to me from the youth ministry blogosphere last week. I discuss articles that talk about why people attend church, cheating in college, some tips for when you’re fired from your youth ministry job, relationships among church staff members, and upcoming changes to Facebook messages.

The links to check out the articles and videos I mention are in the description bar on YouTube. Check them out there.

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Posted on November 16, 2010

  • Will

    Tim, I like your commentary regarding the links you provide. It gives us a preview of the "meat" of the article and helps us make a better decision about , " Hey this is something I want to check out". Thanks for the info ,and im in favor of your comments.

    • Yeah, sometimes I feel like any commentary I do should be in the comments below the post to give input into any discussion that's taking place there, but that doesn't really help direct you guys toward it. Probably a quick balance is what I need.

  • PJWong

    Love the links, i'd also like to know your thoughts on them too. i'd listen for the extra minute and a half.

    • Yeah, I think I could do this better if I didn't try to include so many links. If I did just 3 articles or videos for 30 seconds each, I could say a lot more. I could always just link up some "extras" in the description for people who want more recommendations. Not sure if anyone would actually look there for the "extras" though.

  • Jeremy White

    Would like to hear some of your thoughts on the links as that would be helpful. Thanks for all you do to support Pastors around the country.

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