Youth ministry and culture finally meet technology

I remember back in Bible college when several other youth ministry majors and myself sat around in the back of a van discussing the struggle for America’s teenagers. Secular companies out there are pushing billions of dollars into reaching this generation with their values, products, and services . They intentionally create an addiction and brand loyalty that will last for the rest of their lives, thus creating a steady stream of income for the company. Unfortunately, most of their tactics for grabbing teenagers’ attention are much less than wholesome.

As we sat in the back of that van driving from the YS Convention in Atlanta back to Philadelphia, I recorded several thoughts that I later only partly developed. Maybe I’ll post parts of it here some other time. For now, however, I’m glad to see what the NY Times reports on how youth ministry, culture, and technology are finally coming together through Teen Mania. It’s about time the Christian community offers something of quality that may actually compete with mainstream marketing. No more cheesy Onesimus video games or lame Christian t-shirts that play off popular brand names. It’s time we graduate from mooching off the success of others and instead successfully advance our own creative innovative ideas for reaching a generation for Christ.

Posted on April 28, 2006

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