Youth ministry blogging is not popular

Tech guy versus youth ministry blogAlmost two weeks ago I did a little experiment. I realize blogging about youth ministry addresses a very small minority of web users and was interested to see the difference that a techy blog entry might have as far as generating site traffic. So, I wrote a little “how to” on correcting misspelled words added to Firefox 2.0, a problem I’ve experienced several times myself. I’m amazed at the results.

In two weeks time, that page has over 1,000 unique hits and is still gaining momentum like crazy! Conversely, my most popular youth ministry page of Free Youth Ministry Resources has only a little over 2,000 unique hits over the course of an entire year.

As Ben Gray recently posted, blogging ultimately comes down to passion and communicating that passion with others. That’s why I blog about youth ministry even if it’s not very popular.

Posted on November 10, 2006

  • Tim

    I can understand that, though. If you write something about me, I'm pretty sure I'd wanna read it, too! :)

  • Ben

    I think your observations are accurate. There are few people who blog about youth ministry…or ministry in general for that matter. The bulk of traffic goes to blogs that focus around technology. I’ve personally found that I get a ton of traffic when I blog about blogging. Bloggers love to read stuff written about them. Weird but true.

  • Ashley

    I like the picture! It made me laugh.

  • Tim

    Thanks, Ashley! I have fun putting together little icons for my blog posts like this when I have the time for it. It allows me to venture out on my more creative side by summarizing a blog entry with an image.

  • Tim

    lol! Nevermind, I just checked the URL from your comment. I thought that was your ministry blog. Sorry!

  • Sorry about the confusion there! Just to be sure: – cartoon website – personal blog with some cartoon stuff – cartoon blog (about becoming a pro cartoonist)

    Hope that helps

  • Agree.

    I have two bloges – one about becoming a cartoonist and another that is miistry related. the ministry one has been around for over a year, the cartoon one for six months. The cartoon one already has triple the number of daily visitors.

    Go figure.

  • Tim

    Matt, I’ve seen your ministry site. What’s the URL for the cartoonist blog?

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