3 ideas for making God’s Word “sticky”

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Posted on September 30, 2008

  • I’m a Student Pastor in Sunnyside, GA, and I would totally love to get my hands on that stuff. Are you sending the VHS tapes as a package deal or by each? If it’s the series, I’d like that. Let me know how much for shipping and I’ll front that cost. We’ve got a tiny church budget, and an even tinier one for Student Ministry. This is an awesome thing you’re doing! Thank you so much!

  • Yerardi Nieves

    Hi Thank you so much for allowing God to use you in the youth ministry from all over, this video was great help, i really needed that. Keep doing that, God is using you to minister to youth pastors and youth leaders.

  • @ CoryT: I’ll send all the videos together. Not sure how much that’ll cost for shipping. Maybe $10 or $15, including shipping materials? I have no idea. lol Whatever you can donate is fine.

    @ Yerardi Nieves: Thanks for the encouragement! Glad you find this site helpful for you and your ministry. If you have any ideas for how I can be of service here, lemme know!

  • hey Tim,
    Would definantly be interested in the Small Group Q’s or prayer journal–if still available. Our Teens love to talk! And inviting in the Holy Spirit….the conversations are amazing! Will gladly donate to your costs. Thanks from a Youth group with aneverysotightbudget!!!

  • @ Kari Lefebvre: It’s all first-come-first-serve, so if you can use them both, I’m happy to send them both your way. I hope it blesses you guys!


    I am very interested in those prayer journals and i’m willing to pay for shipping. If you had any drama material I would take that off your hands to. I’m more like you with the sermons, I love to write my own, or if I use other resources I will add my twist. Anyway thank you for all that your doing, I’m new to your website but you have been a blessing to me. Thank you.

    Your Brotha in Christ,


  • @ Stephen Diggs: Sorry, Kari already grabbed the prayer journal. I think I have more of them in the youth closet at church, though, so keep watching for more prayer journal giveaways in the future.


    Thanks Tim for getting back to me so quick, you have a blessed week.

  • Hi Tim,
    Just watched your spot on the 3 ways to make it “stick”…very good. Thanks.
    Any way you coulc just email me the main topics that are included in a prayer journal…I would like to amke my own….just curious as to what they or you might include in a prayer journal.

  • @ Helen: I have more of these to give away, so keep your eye on my videoblog to score one in the future.

    Each day in the book has a different topic, like, “The greatness of God” or “Have no fear.” It includes a lot of verses to meditate on, places to write down praises, confession, thanksgiving and silence. it starts with day 30 and counts down to day 1.

  • To follow up with your 3 points, I also thought that Andy Stanley’s “Communicating for a Change” to be really helpful in developing messages that “stick.”

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