A little change in plans at youth group tonight

Yesterday morning I found out that Shane & Shane and Bebo Norman were coming to our church tonight night to perform. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, except I doubted any of my jr. high small group leaders could successfully pull of their meeting times with something like that going on outside their classroom doors. So, I gave leaders the option of taking their small group to the concert instead and most took me up on it. Next week the African Children’s Choir is performing at our church and there will be no jr. high meeting because of that, so two weeks in a row with no jr. high. Good thing I still have my Sunday mornings with them. I miss those guys!

Look at these pictures of Shane. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? lol

Shane & Shane Shane & Shane

Shane & Shane Shane & Shane

Here’s some other more serious pictures. You can also see more pictures here.

Shane & Shane Bebo Norman

Bebo Norman Sound guy playing on iPhone

Posted on October 4, 2007

  • Tim

    I'm thinking along the lines of constipation. lol (Yes, I know, I'm juvenile sometimes.)

  • Tim:

    I can definitely see why you can see that – thinking of that old farting video from the tv pastors that was done.

    Hope they had a good night. I am not a Shane & Shane fan :(

  • Wow, I didn't know you had that much "Christian Celebrity" sway to get Shane and Shane to lead for youth group worship times!

    So are you thinking NYWC?

    Do I win something if I get it right? JJ

    Is the Canadian air dropping down in Minnesota yet?

  • Tim

    @ Steve: Yeah, we're registered for the NYWC in St. Louis. You?

  • I am not sure what you are thinking, so I am not sure I am thinking what you are thinking :)

  • Would love to do it, however, not going to make it this year – hopefully next year when you add me to your staff;)

    I'll be looking for some blogging about it.


  • Tim

    Just donate the salary to our budget, Steve, and you'll be good to go. ;)

  • Jon

    Tim, your blog is awesome… but I just need a little clarification on something. How is it you didn't know Shane and Shane and Bebo Norman were coming to YOUR CHURCH until the day before! You're the man. greetings from Texas, Jon

  • Tim

    @ Jon: The radio station brought them in and scheduled them to performing that night at a different venue in town, but they didn't sell enough tickets and switched the location to our church the day before the show.

  • Jon

    Thanks Tim… man would I like for that to happen to us sometime! Hope you know I was just messing with you and really do appreciate the spirit and content of your Blog. Thanks for contributing to the KINGDOM. Blessings. Jon

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