Another round of youth ministry mentoring is now open!

We’re gearing up for round four of the FREE Youth Ministry Mentorship! The last round was a blast with the amazing team of youth ministry mentors who did an outstanding job of working one-on-one with youth workers who have been in ministry for two years or fewer. For this next 10-week round, most of the mentors are back and ready to serve you, plus a couple new additions to the team.

If you have been in youth ministry for 2 years or fewer, we want to serve you with free one-on-one youth ministry mentoring for 10 weeks straight.


If you’ve been in youth ministry for 2 years or fewer and would like to have a FREE one-on-one youth ministry mentor for 10 weeks, read the official Youth Ministry Mentorship page. The link to the application is there. It’s open to anyone who serves in youth ministry in any capacity, whether that be on a volunteer basis or as a full-time youth pastor.

The application period is open for only 7 days. After September 10, no further applications will be accepted for this round. Read an overview of the mentorship and apply there.

Unfortunately, no girls: It should be noted that the mentorship team’s only female, Janelle Painter, is unable to participate in this round. Thus, we will not be accepting any female applicants for this round. We are always working to add more competent ladies to the team, but we were unable to get a commitment from a female mentor in time for this round. Sorry!

As you can understand, we have a limited number of mentors, so you may not be one of the 20 chosen this time around, but keep your eye on this site because this is an on-going program. The next round will be in Spring 2010 sometime. Subscribe to the RSS feed or by email to stay up-to-date. Also, become a fan of our Facebook Page.

An online version of the mentorship

If you’re not paired with a mentor for this round, but would still like to receive some online mentoring, check out It’s the perfect place to ask your ministry related questions and receive advice, ideas, support and input from a host of online ministry workers.

A past-mentee’s perspective

If you’d like to see an example of what you’re in for, check out Danny Eiler’s blog. Throughout his mentorship with Kevin Twombly, one of the mentors, Danny blogged about their conversations for all to see. You can expect amazing personalized youth ministry training just like what Danny writes about.

Posted on September 3, 2009

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