Away with Windows!

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I’m really sick of Microsoft Windows. If I wasn’t already so settled into this operating system with all my apps, files, mail, settings, etc., I would move to Mac or Linux in a heartbeat. Here’s a list of things the top things I hate about Windows:

  • All the maintenance it requires
  • The endless security threats of viruses, malware, spyware, other things taking control over my system, etc.
  • The feeling that it can be thrown off balance and crashed with little to no effort
  • The fact that it is so easy for even simple audio CDs to plant invisible spyware in my system (Sony, what were you thinking?!)
  • That some websites can have more control over my system than I can
  • It’s ability to mess up even the most simple tasks (like ruining my 1GB flash drive for no particular reason)
  • The programs that intermittently stop responding
  • It’s not like I’m some ignorant computer user who does a lot of stupid things to their system. I mean, I make a part-time living off of fixing these type of issues for other people. How can people who are uneducated about their computers stand to live with such a temperamental and fragile operating system? I just want something that works, is simple and clean. I want something that gives me 100% control over how it looks and operates. I want it to remain stable even if something else in the system goes wrong. Why can’t the different components work like modules so if one module goes bad it doesn’t affect any other parts of the system?

    I especially want something where I don’t have to continually clean off constant stream of junk that somehow finds it’s way to the hidden corners of my system, the stuff that slows it down, sucks up resources, and sends off information about me and my computer usage. I’m tired of feeling like I’m competing with every other digital company out there for rights over my computer! Why does Windows have to make it so easy for them to whatever they want with it without my permission?

    I set up a Linux system that’s currently sitting on the coffee-table behind me. I haven’t yet officially crossed over to Linux or anything, but I do enjoy playing around with it. Granted, it a little less user-friendly than Windows, (which, in my opinion, may contribute to many of the aforementioned problems), but it’s MY computer. Learning to make it work really isn’t the issue for me — that just takes time. The issue for me is another frustration: Why are a lot of my favorite applications only available for Windows? Rhetorical question, I know the answer, but it’s still frustrating that Microsoft has me chained to a product I don’t even like or want to use anymore.

    Maybe someday soon I’ll take the plunge and ditch Windows as my primary operating system. Maybe I’m still waiting for the final straw that will push me over the edge. When that happens it’ll be a decision between Linux or Mac, but that’s another story for another day.

    Posted on November 5, 2005

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