Battle Cry experiment

Following the Battle Cry event, the youth group high school guys who were present piled into my car and immediately started discussing the conference, its philosophy, and the suggested implications for our lives. The questions they had were very thought provoking as well as their many insightful comments and answers. The biggest question they raised: “How would our lives be different if we actually cut out the garbage secular media is feeding us?” No one was quite sure, so we decided to try it just for one week and see. Our test is now underway. Until next Saturday at 10:00 PM, the five of us are committed to no television, no video games, and no secular music.

When we added up the time we spend each week on TV, video games, and music, we averaged around 15 hours per person. That’s almost a part-time job for each of us! Imagine what this country would look like if 1 million teenagers took their “part-time job” hours each week and used it in Kingdom work. It might as well start with us. This week we’re each taking that extra 15 hours and doing something useful with it. What exactly that looks like is different for each of us, but for me it includes more time in the Word, more time in prayer, finishing a couple youth ministry books I’m half-way through, making a list of little things I can do to stand against negative influences, and to work out at least four times.

We’re only a little over 24-hours into this “experiment” and I’m already feeling the pressure. TV and mainstream music I can shrug off without much difficulty, but not playing Guild Wars for a week is gonna be tough. Some of the high school guys were talking after Sunday school this morning and said they’re feeling the same way. I’m curious to see how our feelings change by the time Saturday night rolls around. Will I be counting the seconds to be able to play again or will I be content with the better use of my time? One thing is for sure — my restlessness over not playing a video game indicates that I should’ve cut back on this a long time ago.

Posted on April 3, 2006

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