Good, proven, practical ideas for Youth Ministry can be hard to come by. This book is loaded! I couldn’t put it down! Practical answers to real life Youth Ministry Issues. Whether you are brand new just-out-of-the-box to Youth Ministry or a well weathered veteran there is something here for you. I especially loved the blog style multiple perspectives from experienced Youthworkers on every topic. The book seems to touch on every aspect of Youth Ministry and offers tested solutions and wise advice.
— Matt McAlack, Director of Youth Ministry Program, Philadelphia Biblical University

If you thinking about going into youth ministry, just starting or in your first few years as a youth pastor this book is a must read for you. It is not only jam packed with practical direction and ideas but also a lot of wisdom that will guide you. In a collaborative format Tim not only speaks from his personal experiences but draws on the collective wisdom of many other seasoned youth ministry veterans who add perspective, advice and ideas in each chapter.
— Tic Long, Executive Director, Youth Specialties

Real, Reliable and Relevant is the best way to describe this must read book for anyone involved in youth ministry! Tim’s book shares heartfelt and life changing conversations that will challenge and refresh you! This book is in my top 3 of hundreds of ministry books in my office!
— E.J. Swanson, Nationally Recognized Christian Youth Speaker

If you have ever asked yourself why you do what you do, or what to do next, or wondered if you are even cut out to be a youth worker, this book is for you. As the pages turn you will be drawn deep into the heart of what youth ministry is all about and you will discover some of those practical answers to many of youth ministry‚Äôs most important and essential questions. Whether you’re paid staff, volunteer, parent, or chaperone this inspiring and practical book will help push beyond the first impression and give you the handles necessary to understand how to be a great youth worker!
— DC Curry, Director of Students Ministry, Granger Community Church

In the past 20 years much has been written about Youth Ministry. There have been resource books about how to do it. Theological books written about “why” we should do it. Sociological books written about the “need” for it. And even books written about what it will look like in 20 years. Tim’s book isn’t any of those and is all of them. What I like about Tim’s writing is that he comes at all of this from a place of being engaged in the “life” of it. In real life you can’t choose to separate any of the different parts from the others. You have to be at the same time a theologian, sociologist, game leader, bus driver, counselor, pastor and friend. Tim navigates all those worlds and does a great job getting others who do to join in with him all the while putting together a work that is both practical, theological, missiological, whimsical, contemporary and future focused.
— Lars Rood, Author, Youth Ministry on a Shoestring

In this digital age with all of its influences and distractions, impacting teenagers for Christ is harder than ever. Spring boarding off of his blog, his own personal growth as a youth minister, and the voices of other youth workers; Tim has produced a very practical handbook for anyone working with students. As a parent of a teenager myself, I am so glad there are leaders like Tim reaching out to this generation.
— George Hillman, Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation and Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary

Tim brings an entourage of wisdom to the table with this unique book, sharing not only his own youth ministry insight, but also a swarm of experienced veterans offering a pleasant whipped topping to his tasty caramel macchiato.
— Jonathan McKee, President, The Source for Youth Ministry

Most books (about youth ministry or any subject) are one-way communication from the author to the reader. Tim’s practical book on youth ministry adds a couple dimensions to that approach, by bringing in dozens of other voices in response to Tim’s thoughts and suggestions. A youth ministry book as dialogue — what a great idea!
— Mark Oestreicher, speaker, author, consultant

Life in Student Ministry relays practical conversations designed to help you build a solid youth ministry vision and gives you tactical insights for getting it done. Tim Schmoyer hits the bull’s eye as he challenges youth leaders to prayerfully minister out of a love for God that is so deep it becomes contagious to teenagers. Tim’s candid observations will help you cultivate a ministry where students are growing deeper in their walk with God while going wider into their world with the message of the gospel.
— Greg Stier, Founder and President, Dare 2 Share Ministries

Here’s a great resource for youth leaders who are seeking to enhance their ministry. What I love about Tim is that he is bubbling with practical ideas. He is a practitioner who has made his share of mistakes and learned from experience. Reading this book gives you the opportunity to glean the best thoughts from a group of seasoned ministers.
— Seth Barnes, President, Adventures In Missions

Tim’s book is a resource that ought to be on the shelf of every youth leader! He takes us beyond the textbook theories learned in the classroom and gives us practical examples he’s learned by personal experience as a youth pastor. This is not a bird’s eye view of youth ministry; Tim writes from the trenches, with a heart focused on God and hands reaching out to a generation of students. Put this one on your “must-read” list.
— Dave Huizing, Local Church Missionary, Word of Life

As a mentor on the LISM Mentor Team I intend to recommend, no gently push, every mentee to read this valuable resource. This book is a must read for any youth worker whether they are just getting started or have been in ministry for years. It’s like having a LISM Mentor right by your side and at your fingertips.
— Brian Ford, veteran youth pastor, LISM Mentor

I have watched Tim over the years and believe he has become one of the top leaders in youth ministry. Regardless if you are in youth ministry full-time, part-time or volunteer, this book is a must-read. Tim knows where youth ministry has been, where is it and what the future looks like. Because of technology reaching this generation like never before, it is changing these teenagers every year. Thank God for a leader like Tim who is leading the charge in reaching this generation and training youth leaders.
— Bill Scott, President, Free Our Family

This book provides practical insight into the world of student ministry for any student pastor or youth worker. I love the dialogue Tim has created from using multiple voices.
— Brad Cooper, Youth Pastor, NewSpring Community Church

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