Brainstorming for a Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership TeamThere are several students in my new youth ministry who are great leaders and man, I wanna make sure they get all the training and experience they need to serve their peers! So, I’m starting a Student Leadership Team (SLT). I’ve never formed a team like this before and the church has never had a Student Leadership Team, so it’s a trial and error learning experience for both of us. Here’s my brainstorming so far. Any input or suggestions is greatly appreciated!

To train, develop and equip godly student leaders to impact their generation for Christ.

Selection process
Sr. High students are nominated by the adult volunteer team and youth pastor based on the following qualifications:

  • Potential leadership ability.
  • Desire for spiritual and personal growth.
  • Emotional, mental and spiritual maturity.
  • Commitment to the student ministry at Alexandria Evangelical Covenant Church.
  • Respect for peers and adults.
  • Willingness to serve humbly and sacrificially.
  • Teachable spirit.

…of all students

  • Attend monthly SLT Bible studies and accountability groups.
  • Regularly attend church services, participate in worship and commit to tithing.
  • Regularly attend youth group meetings and activities.
  • Be diligent, faithful and dependable in individual areas of responsibly.
  • Attend scheduled trainings, retreats, trips and special events for the SLT.
  • Respectfully follow the leadership and instructions of the mentoring adult leader.
  • Debrief with mentoring adult leader after exercising leadership responsibilities.
  • Commit to regular prayer, Bible study, evangelism, personal worship, scripture memorization and accountability in these areas among other students on the SLT.
  • Attend select adult volunteer meetings and trainings.
  • Participate in problem-solving.
  • Find areas of need in the youth ministry and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • Always publicly support and protect the youth ministry, its leaders and decisions. Address frustrations and concerns privately with the youth pastor, mentor and SLT.
  • Diffuse gossip, rumors and conflict.
  • Be a leader before being a friend.
  • Stay positive even when things go bad.
  • Serve school by praying for it, connecting with other Christians, and meeting the new people.
  • Intentionally find ways to encourage other students.
  • Serve as Angel Tree camp counselors.
  • Practice as many of these items as possible at home.

…of select individual students

  • Lead a Bible study at school.
  • Assist an adult volunteer in a small group as an apprentice.
  • Prepare and lead aspects of youth meetings, including prayer times, announcements, games, Bible lessons, music, worship, lighting, PowerPoint, event registrations, etc.
  • Intentionally build relationships with youth group visitors, record their contact information and follow-up later that week.
  • Follow-up with students who have missed more than two- weeks of youth group or small groups.
  • Serve in Childrens Ministry and Jr. High ministry.
  • Get other students involved by leading a ministry team (drama or worship team, for example).
  • Organize student involvement in Sunday morning services.
  • Maintain music CD library system.
  • Maintain a directory of contact info for the youth group.
  • Website design, updates, forum moderation.
  • Graphic design and video production for Bible lessons, ministries, and worship.
  • Any other area as deemed appropriate by the youth pastor, mentors and student leader.

…of the Youth Pastor

  • Lead monthly in-depth Bible studies through theology that challenges each student in their individual walks with Christ. “How to study the Bible.”
  • Provide trainings for the SLT in their areas of responsibility.
  • Discover areas for character development in each student and address them individually.
  • Assign leadership responsibilities to students based on the individual’s spiritual gifts, passions and vision for ministry.
  • Assign an adult mentor to each student.
  • Train adult volunteers to teach and utilize their SLT student effectively.
  • Provide encouragement and input for all mentors and student leaders.
  • Oversee the SLT ministry.

…of mentoring adult volunteers

  • Contact the student outside of church once a week to pray together and encourage him/her.
  • Speak well of the student both privately and publicly.
  • Report to the youth pastor on a monthly basis about the struggles and successes of the student leader.
  • Assign tasks to the student leader in their area of responsibility.
  • Ensure that the student is successful and learns from each experience.
  • Debrief with the student after each experience to review what was done well and discuss what can be done better.

Posted on April 8, 2007

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