Built myself a “TiVo”

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TiVos and other “Personal Video Recorders” (PVR) have been out for a while now and seem to be quickly replacing VCRs. A year or so ago I looked into purchasing one but decided against it not only because of the high retail price, but because of all the restrictions, the minimum subscription cost of $17 a month, and limited expandability. TiVo didn’t allow me to add on modules, customize it the way I want, nor did it give me the networking capabilities I wanted. A year later, the TiVo hasn’t improved much. So, for the cost of a tv-tuner card, I decided to build my own instead.

Taking an old computer I put together of spare parts, I purchased a PVR card, plugged it in and installed KnoppMyth, a Linux distribution built solely for the purpose of setting up a program called MythTV. MythTV is free, works beautifully and does everything I always wanted in a PVR and more. Just check out this features and screenshots list! My favorite feature: commercials can be automatically cut from recorded programs. Plus, everything I’d ever want to do with a photo gallery, personal videos, games, weather forecasts, music playlists, DVD burning, live TV control, and more, all from a remote control. And, with my 250 GB hard drive, I can store around 115 hours of TV and movies at DVD quality and stream it to any web-enabled computer.

Yeah, I’m a nerd. It’s fun. :-)

Posted on March 20, 2006

  • It works pretty well too! I'm glad you got to play around with putting it together before I got back in town. Good timing! :wink: I still miss you like crazy 'cause we haven't gotten to hang out too much yet.

  • Tim

    Hey Matt! I try to keep up with youth ministry blogs through and yours popped up the other day. I enjoyed your site. Keep up the good work in youth ministry!

  • Hey..was wondering if we possibly had some mutual friends..or how you came across my site? Forgive me if I have met you somewhere and am not remembering..

  • Lynn

    Hey tivo is only 12.95 a month. we have 3. hehe…

  • Tim

    I pay $0 a month. :wink:

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  • JesPeachy (Brian Ste

    Sweet Stuff, Tim. I am less familiar with Linux. Would you mind if I refer people to you when I get questions?

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