Changes we’re making to our youth ministries in 2011 [podcast]

LIVE Youth Ministry TalkThis week Tom Roepke, Paul Turner and myself talked about some of the things we’re thinking about changing in our youth ministries for 2011. We had some good participation in the live chat room from people who were listening online, too.

Some highlights of what we discussed in this podcast:

  • Going toward student leaders taking ownership of the YM (why to do it, how to do it, and what it is)
  • My own moving forward struggle from my former youth ministry
  • Becoming more of an outreach-focused youth group
  • Getting administrative stuff, like email, done. GTD. (Links that were mentioned: What is GTD? and GTD blog)

You can listen to the discussion below or grab it in iTunes.

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OOPS: Sorry for the poor audio at! The video was recording from the wrong mic. The mp3/iTunes version is much better.

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Posted on January 8, 2011

  • Ben

    Let me start of by saying – maybe I've gotten the wrong idea about what these podcasts are about? Or possibly I'm making a judgment on too small of a sampling – but I really came in expecting more talk about what the ministries will be doing to reach/teach the students…not about trendy youth pastor stuff like blogging and emails and what books you want to write. I've gotten some good stuff out of the previous podcast I listened to – but I just tuned into this one hoping to hear about what others are doing in their ministry for 2011. It seemed like the majority of the conversation was on stuff totally unrelated to discipling or kingdom building. There were flashes of good material from participating chatters, but it was glossed over in favor of self-centered chit chat.

    The focus was on YOU or US as youth pastors and all the mainstream trappings of the "job" when, in fact, we should be thinking of ourselves less and more on Jesus and how to introduce teens to him. Please don't get me wrong, I love the blogging and event programming and study prep just like most other YPs – but lately I've been under a lot of conviction about keeping the main thing, the main thing.

    Again – I could just be mistaking the purpose of these podcasts – and if I am I'm sorry for the extra criticism. But if we are going to avoid wasting our time, a podcast REALLY answering and discussing questions about how best to reach teenagers with the message of Christ, would be the best way to go. Just a thought…

    • Thanks for the feedback, Ben, and for not being critical anonymously. Shows you have guts and I respect that.

      Ya know, you may be totally right about the content in this episode. Our hearts are aligned with yours, but it may not have been communicated very well in this podcast. As the host, I take responsibility for it. I may have been distracted or (more likely) not have had a very clear direction for the discussion.

  • Ben

    Hey Tim – I know the feeling, I tend to chase rabbits when I don't have a clear goal and it ends up being something I kick myself over later on.

    I also realize that I should probably give the other podcasts more of a chance before I do too much criticizing. You guys do a great thing here and from my first impressions think that we have the same goals. (I guess that's why I was disappointed enough to make my second post on the site a critical one) I hope I didn't come across too harshly, I have been known to knee-jerk or over correct and God recently revealed to me that I have wasted too much time in my ministry on unessentials.

    All that being said – I'm glad you take criticism so gracefully. That shows me that your heart is in the right place! I hope this ends up helping not discouraging.

    • No problem, man. I appreciate the feedback, especially when I can tell that it's honest and not just some anonymous single 40 year old sitting in his mom's basement wearing nothing but underwear and has nothing better to do than criticize others for stuff he'd never even attempt. :) Your feedback was helpful and I think you're right about this one.

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