• http://www.juniorhighministry.org/ Terry

    This is the tough part of being a church leader. If I go and visit a church for the first time, I still have a different perspective than a first time visitor would. We have to look deeper than what we want. I hope we as a church can see how important this experience is and focus on what the experience is like. To many times we just want to talk about the experience.

    Our church does not talk about this experience. We have had people bring positives and negatives to us about their first visit to our church, so we try to emphasize with our members the importance of truly caring for people when they visit. It is very similar to the way we encourage students in our junior high ministry to keep their eyes open for people who are new or by themselves. We have to encourage our adults in the same way.

    • http://timschmoyer.com/ Tim Schmoyer

      Yeah, anyone who’s a church-goer already will have a different perspective as a first-timer than someone who’s visiting a church for the first time ever. Definitely a lot of perspectives to think about.

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