A discipleship plan for your family

I sat down and recorded this little video shortly before leading a discussion with the Red Door Church staff about discipling families. It’s a conversation that’s been pretty convicting for me each time I have it, not because I feel like I’m a terrible father, but because it can be so easy for us to focus on discipling other people’s families more than our own.

Posted on May 13, 2014

  • Chris

    Great point. For me, I have planned for morning times of daily worship. I am teaching myself how to play the guitar so we can sing and surround that with, scripture reading, prayer, and a scripture memorization for the week. I say planned because my daughter is 16 months currently, and I believe she is too young for that structure. My hope is that by the time she is able to start conversing we can start our daily morning worship where our scripture reading will come from children’s storybook Bibles (I am guessing this will be when she is around 2 to 3).

    Another part of our family discipleship has been on making Monday’s our Sabbath. My wife and I have done a really good job of not working on Mondays and resting. However, as we are now a little over a year into it, we are starting to lose focus, and I must fix that. It has become too much about rest and not enough about resting in Christ. We started off regularly listening to a sermon, reading scripture together, and having more dedicated time of prayer, but that has slowly faded.

    I have also created a family mission statement, which for us, is about reaching the abused and neglected kids in our community. To put our walk in step with our “talk” we are on the path to get re-certified for foster care.

    The spark that brought about this transformation in family discipleship for me came from one of your posts where Jeremey Prior shared his vision for Biblical families ( It totally revolutionized the way I approach my family. My hope is that my plans actually work. I have a lot of people in the church who when I share this look at me with this “bless your heart” look and proceed to share with me how life will be too busy to ever successfully make this happen. Being a youth pastor, my crazy non typical schedule does worry me, but that’s why I scheduled daily worship for the mornings because my evenings are just too crazy to make family worship consistent.

    • Good to hear your story, Chris! Thanks for sharing that.

      I know you already know this, but thought I’d point out that worship isn’t just what you and your family do in your scheduled morning time, but it’s the way you live your life of attributing worth to God. That includes crazy evening youth pastor schedules. :) Your family can worship together even by doing that.

      And yeah, Jeremy’s been helpful for me as I set some of these priorities in my family, too. Here’s more of what he’s written about family in case you’re interested:

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