Freebie Friday 188: Interactive plan for discussing purity and abortion

Free youth ministry resources every FridayBrett Hetherington continues to create and donate high quality lesson materials for Freebie Fridays here at LISM and today is no exception. Besides serving as one of the Youth Ministry Mentors, he’s contributed eight other youth teaching series’ and resources. Visit his site and let him know how much you appreciate his generosity in equipping your ministry with great resources time and time again!

Here’s what Brett says about this week’s Freebie Friday:

Our group gave me a list of topics they wanted to cover this summer. Among those topics were both teenage pregnancy and abortion. This did not surprise me since our area is ridiculously high in teen pregnancies, so I tied them into one evening (since often one will lead to the other). The evening is an experience-driven lesson time, with students walking and journaling through two rooms, one about teen pregnancy, the other about abortion. Each room has leading questions, passages of Scripture and images of that room’s focus hanging on the walls. Students walk through each room, answering questions, meditating on Scripture, and thinking about that subject, then we gather together in another room to debrief. Students are invited to share their thoughts and their experience with the group, and the facilitator for the evening closes out by pointing back to what Scripture has to say about both topics, namely the need to remain sexually pure and our task to preserve human life.

There is a lot of room in this evening for the Spirit to move, and a lot of flexibility to tailor that final closing talk around the facilitator’s own theological foundation. Our group’s discussion time actually veered into areas of where sin starts (the mind and heart, not the hands), whether or not kissing is a sin, fleeing temptation vs. resisting temptation, and some very personal debates over whether or not there is ever a legitimate reason to abort a baby. Your group’s experience will depend on your facilitator. The teaching notes I include are sparse, so make sure you take time to familiarize yourself with the evening’s Scriptures, and study them for yourself.

Video of Brett sharing about this interactive lesson

Brett shares more about this lesson plan in his video here.

Brett HetheringtonIncluded in this series you will find:

  • WORD and PDF copies of my teaching notes
  • WORD and PDF copies of the participant journal
  • Publisher and JPEG files of leading questions to hang on the wall
  • Publisher and JPEG files of Scriptures to hang on the wall
  • JPEG files of the images I used in each room (these were obtained in a Google search. Feel free to find your own images if you so desire)

LinkDownload “FETAL” lesson plan

Posted on July 30, 2010

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