Disturbed rocks, but lyrics disappoint

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September 20 of this year the mainstream rock band, Disturbed, released their latest album, Ten Thousand Fists. I’ve been listening to it lately and just love the music. Their unique sound, as pioneered by their album, The Sickness, has achieved a great balance between metal and rapcore. Almost every track is jam-packed with adrenaline that automatically makes you want to at least bounce your head to their pretty solid beat. Some of the tracks, like Guarded, are definitely going on my Zen Micro’s work-out playlist for 24-Hour Fitness.

Other tracks, however, I have a hard time listening to, and for good reason. Although most of the songs address issues of personal pain and disappointment with life and society, some include lyrics with negative spiritual overtones. One song, Deify, is even outright blasphemy!

Deify chorus:
You’re no immortal
I won’t let them
Deify you
They view you as the new messiah
Deify you
Renew belief in some demented man

I reserve no apologies for utilizing my “next track” button when songs like this start playing.

If you choose to listen to this album, be aware that the band’s spiritual outlook on life attacks Christianity, offers no hope for struggles, and offers harmful advice for dealing with pain. Why anyone would choose to live like this is beyond me.

(Due to the graphical nature of their album cover, I have decided not to post it for public display. However, having said that I know most of you are curious now. :) Use this link if you need a visual of it: Ten Thousand Fists album cover)

Posted on October 3, 2005

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