The “big rocks” of ministry

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Posted on November 3, 2009

  • AWESOME video Tim! Love it! I remember a professor I had using the same illustration and it's stuck with all these years. Thanks for the reminder.

  • ha! Never noticed that. I don't have control over the sponsor's video, though. They provide that and I just plug it in.

    • Working on having it fixed sorry! The joys of living with dyslexia not easy to check the video guys work! ill work on getting it fixed

  • feels like a nooma video.

  • Very well done Tim! I really needed to hear that illustration again. Long week already filled with many distractions taking me away from focusing on the "big rocks."

  • TJZ

    It is an okay illustration, but I thought that the video was kind of Corny.

    • lol nice. It may be. I probably tried too hard to make it cool, maybe too much so? :)

  • Praise the Lord! I loved the illustration! thank you for that vital information! Be Blessed! Anya Benson

  • Eric

    Just watched this video post – great production, Tim, but greater message and reminder of our "big rocks". Thanks for the reminder – especially during this holiday season. Values definitely trump beliefs.

    Out of curiosity, what music/audio tracks and editing tools did you use to create this with? We're doing some video devos in our own student ministry and this could be a great addition to 'up' the quality and overall feel of them.

    • I used some royalty-free stock music clips I purchased from and All the editing was done in iMovie '09. Shot the video in my living room.

      • Eric

        Sweet. wondered if it was iMovie or Final Cut, or something else Mac-related. :D Thanks. Will go check out those sites for some good audio clips for future use.

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