Favorite Youth Group Games: Baseball meets dodgeball

Youth group gamesIndoor Game; All Ages; 30 or more kids

This game was submitted by Ish Engle, youth pastor at First Christian Church of Cushing, Oklahoma.

There are seven boxes in the field of play, home plate and a “do not cross” line (about 10 feet from home plate). The boxes range in point value from 1-7 and are randomly placed in the outfield, usually with the higher numbers farther from home.

Only the pitcher of the non-batting team is allowed past the “do not cross” line. They stand about 6-8 feet from the plate.

The ball should be a Nerf-style basketball/soccer ball that won’t fly to far even if Babe Ruth hits it. For a bat, a wiffle ball bat is perfect, although a broom stick with a pool noodle over it works well, too.

The pitcher pitches, the batter bats. After a successful hit (there are no strikes or balls, and its only foul if it goes behind home plate), the batter runs to any point box they choose. They may run to as many as they like in any order that they like, but they only get points for the boxes they touch. To receive points, they must touch the box AND return home safely.

The fielding team tries to get the batter out by fielding the ball and pegging the runner. The runner may dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge to avoid being hit.

The entire side bats, outs are not tracked. Once one side has batted, teams switch places. When they have batted the inning is over. The game is usually played to 3 innings.

Its a lot of fun, and the soft ball/bat combo serves to make the sluggers and the “not-athletically gifted” more equal. You will find that those kids who hit and run to the 1 or 2 point box and back will be your lead scorers in the end. Slow and steady wins the game!

SUBMIT YOUR GAME: If you have a favorite youth group game, tell me about it. If I publish it, you’ll receive full credit, a link, lots of gratitude and a warm feeling inside that comes from sharing with others.

Posted on September 16, 2008

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