Favorite Youth Group Games: Chuck the Chicken

Youth group gamesIndoor Game; All Ages; 12 or more kids
This is a fast, active game that works better with larger groups (12 or more people) and needs a fair amount of space that students run around.

Supplies needed:
One Rubber Chicken

How to play:
Divide the group into 2 equal teams. Give one team the rubber chicken. As soon as you say “go” the team that has the chicken quickly lines up behind the person holding the chicken and the chicken is passed over one person’s head, under the next person’s legs, so it goes over, under, over, under all the way to the end of the line. Then the whole team yells “Chuck the Chicken!” Meanwhile, the other team (the team without the chicken) gets into a huddle when you say “go” and one person runs around the huddled up team as many times as they can before the other team chucks the chicken. It’s a good idea to have a leader counting how many times the youth runs around their team — this is how many points that team gets during that round. As soon as that team hears the other team “chuck the chicken,” they stop huddling/running and they all run over to pick up the chicken. They then line up and do what the first team did (chicken over, under, over, under), while the other team does what they just did (huddle and have one person run around while another leader counts their points). You do this for a pre-determined number of rounds. Three or five rounds have worked out well for our group. The team with the most points at the end wins!
Thanks, Abi!
This game is provided by Abi Bourckel, a youth worker in Ellicott City, Maryland. Check out her blog at “Not all who wander are lost…

SUBMIT YOUR GAME: If you have a favorite youth group game, tell me about it. If I publish it, you’ll receive full credit, a link, lots of gratitude and a warm feeling inside that comes from sharing with others.

Posted on October 10, 2007

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