Favorite Youth Group Games: Vertical Twister

Youth group gamesIndoor Game; All Ages; 4 or more kids

Supplies: One Twister mat for every 4-5 students. One Twister spinner.

Tonight with the Jr. High students we played Twister with a twist. Instead of laying the mats flat on the floor, I taped them to the walls of the gym and we played it standing up. Since the competition was your mat versus all the other mats, I allowed some of the students on teach team to sit out and support teammates against the wall. They helped hold people up, acted as human stools and supported those who were falling. It worked pretty well for the most part. It worked better when I allowed everyone to stand and substituted “left foot” and “right foot” for “left ear” and “right ear.” Eventually, though, we took the mats off the wall and played a normal game of Twister on the floor.

Here are some pictures of it from my cell phone.

SUBMIT YOUR GAME: If you have a favorite youth group game, tell me about it. If I publish it, you’ll receive full credit, a link, lots of gratitude and a warm feeling inside that comes from sharing with others.

Posted on March 26, 2008

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