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I was fortunate enough to get in as a member for the beta testing of, a program that allows users to exchange their old music CDs for new CDs they want. The concept is quite simple: you list all the CDs you have to trade and then make another list of all CDs you want (listing is simple and quick). When someone wants a CD you have, you send it to them with Lala’s pre-paid CD case and envelope and thereby gain one credit to get a CD you want from someone else’s “have” list. The only expense involved is paying $1.49 to receive a CD you requested.

The program is still in beta and will not release to the general public until July 4th of this year. However, as a beta testing member, I was granted 5 special membership invitations to extend to friends, family, or whoever. Check out the site and read around a little. PCWorld also did a review that may be helpful.

If you’re interested in trading your old CDs for new music, let me know and I’ll gladly send you an invitation. Obviously, I can only invite the first five people to contact me (either by e-mail or posting a comment). The only info I’ll need is your e-mail address.

Posted on April 11, 2006

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