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eBible logoIf you haven’t heard of it’s definitely work checking out. I’ve always used for any online Bible study and research because its extensive and easy to use, but eBible is different in a very attractive way. Although eBible will have many of the same resources available as BibleGateway, eBible takes a Web 2.0 approach by making scripture interactive in an online community filled with user-generated content. As a comparison, eBible uses scripture the way YouTube uses videos. Users have the ability to tag passages for others to find in searches, which helped me quickly find many verses related to some obscure topics. Users can also bookmark verses with personal notes for both private use and to share with other eBible friends, a great way to form online Bible discussion groups, for example.

The site currently has six English Bible translations (including The Message) and many dictionaries, encyclopedias and commentaries, though only half of the resources are currently free. The others are made available to your account at reasonable prices.

Unfortunately, eBible is still in beta and not open to public registration at this time. However, current users may invite three friends to join the eBible network and, thanks to Mike Jones, I got one! So now I’m passing along my three invitations to the first three who comment here requesting one. Also be sure to check Mike’s pbwiki eBible page for additional invites. Either way, visit and look for it to go public in a couple weeks.

Posted on September 6, 2006

  • Phillip

    Can i get an invite?

  • Could I please have an invite.
    Thanks In Christ

  • Sarah Whited (Bishop)

    If you’re still able to, I would love to be invited. I need something like that for my studies. That would be so helpful.

  • Tim

    Wow, those went fast! I have no more invitations left, but others may be found by checking HERE and HERE.

    If you have available invitations eBible, please make them available to others.

  • Tim

    Ironically, eBible just went live today. lol Now anyone can register on their site.

    I’m also diggin’ the free eBible toolbars for Firefox and IE. Very nice.

    If you sign up, lemme know so I can add you to my eBible community.

  • Jess

    I just signed up, thanks for the heads up!

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