Free Book! “Going Social,” by Terrace Crawford

While at the D6 Conference a few weeks ago, I talked with my friend, Terrace Crawford, about his new book, “Going Social: A Practical Guide on Social Media for Church Leaders” (affiliate).

While the business world is actively accepting social media and using it to effectively communicate their messages, the church is often lagging behind in how it uses sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. In this book, Terrace helps leaders understand why the church may be resistant to social media and how we can use it in powerful ways.

I have two copies to give away! If you’d like one, watch the video for instructions.

Posted on November 12, 2013

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  • Lucas Savage

    We work with a lot of youth/teens. One of the struggles is keeping in touch during the week away from our gathering times. We have utilized Facebook and Skype to keep in contact and blogs & Youtube to provide extra thought provoking ideas during the week.

  • Josh Corley

    One of the best ways that churches and ministries can use social media, is to connect with members. Facebook is a great place to be able to drop words of encouragement or know when someone is possibly going through a hard time.

  • One rule I have learned over the years is if you are going to friend the young ladies in your group (…and you’re a guy), make sure that your wife or another female leader follows them as well…many times we as men are not in a place to comment or correct things that we see on our female students pages, but our wives can…And the reverse is a good idea as well! Ministry spouses should work as a team to lead our students through social media.

  • Brett Starr

    We ask every student if they have Facebook when they fill out our info card for them and then we have set up private facebook groups for High School, Middle School, Volunteer Adults, and each small group has one. We use this to inform, post events, post sign up forms etc…I also had an intern search on facebook through our list of students who have ever been at our church even once and invited them to join our online groups. Through that we gained about 50 students who are now connected to our group through facebook.

    We also have a texting service we pay for monthly through TextMarks and invite all who have signed up for it to each weekly gathering or anything else we may have going on. We have groups set up for high school, middle school, parents and leaders.

  • Josh Stitcher

    I love using Twitter to broadcast my student ministry newsletter and we use Instagram as a ministry to post pics and videos of all we are doing on trips, in worship, etc. I am currently teaching a series right now on Social Media and would really love a copy if this book!

  • Tim

    We use FB with our teens as well as a texting app to
    communicate to teens, and parents about what’s going on. Our teens love getting text messaged throughout the week with encouraging scripture passages. my real email is

  • Tim Diehl

    One of the things that I learned with my students and social media is that if I want a response from them I need to ask them a question. If I just post something about an event they don’t responses but if I ask them a question they response. So I ask them things like are you coming tonight and bringing a friend?

  • Matthew

    Our congregation has an older demographic of people who are more rural. We’ve started using Facebook to promote sermons and various events in our church. Our greatest success with using it was just last month when we hosted a “Trunk or Treat.” Outside of our church this was our only source of promotion. We had a huge amount of new families attend our event that we had never seen before. It was an encouragement to hear people comment that they had heard about it through various people sharing our event on Facebook.

  • Kelly Hitchcock

    In our Student Ministry, we use Facebook mostly for communicating with students on announcements or things they need to know. I also do a Trivia Question each week that I post on our Facebook page. The first person who answer the question correctly once they get in our Youth Room wins a candy bar. I also post our monthly newsletters on there, and have even started posting my teaching notes on there for students to have access to, as well as for parents to keep up with what we are teaching their kids.

    Our church uses Facebook for some of the same things. Someone else commented above about a their Trunk-or-Treat and Facebook. The past two years we have done a “Photo Booth” at our fall festival, and uploaded all of the pictures to our churches Facebook page. This gave us TONS of hits and new people liking the church page who now see what all is going on at the church.
    My email is

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  • kerry

    I am a pastor and need this book woud help me and my staff greatly.

    • Unfortunately, this content is already over and the books have been mailed to the winners, Kelly Hitchcook and Josh Corely. Sorry, Kerry!

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