Freebie Friday 204: Prayer, Fasting, and Dreaming Stations

Free youth ministry resources every FridayThis week’s Freebie Friday is contributed by Brett Hetherington, of Confessions of a Human Being. I haven’t checked officially, but I’m pretty sure he’s contributed more resources for all of us than anyone else! Check out his blog and say, “Thank you!” :) Here’s his summary of this week’s free youth ministry resource:

Our church has called all of our members, attenders and staff to take one week spent in prayer and fasting. During this week we are seeking God’s dream for where our church is heading in the future (both immediate and long-term). All of our regular programs are still meeting, but instead of our regular curriculum, we have all been challenged to spend that time in prayer together, asking God to reveal His plans to us.

Now, our students might make it 15 minutes in prayer, but they certainly won’t make it an hour (probably a lot like your students). So instead of just sitting around praying, I devised some simple prayer stations to help them be actively engaging this call with our church. This is a three-room setup, one for prayer, one for fasting, and one for dreaming. Each room has signs to post on the walls, guiding students to journal their thoughts, and asking them to really think through what God’s dreams are for them (and for our ministry). At the end of the activity time, students and leaders gather together to share their experience.

This time is designed for students to work through on their own, at their own speed, so remember to instruct your students in that very line of thinking. What they pour into it, they will get out of it. Feel free to use this even if your whole church is not praying and fasting, and help your students engage their faith in a whole new way.

Included in this packet:

  • Powerpoints of all signs
  • Powerpoints of logos to use for the activity
  • PDF and WORD Student Journal pages
  • JPEG wall signs
  • JPEG Logos for the evening

LinkDownload the “Prayer, Fasting, and Dreaming Stations”

Posted on November 26, 2010

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