Youth group video announcement intro [Freebie Friday]

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Based on a lot of the questions you all have been asking me lately, it seems like a lot of you are starting to communicate your youth group news via online video. This was easily one of the most effective forms of communication I’ve ever used for making announcements, and I’m sure you all will enjoy similar success.

To save you some time, I created a quick little video intro you can use on the front-end of your announcements. It can help grab people’s attention and focus on the video when it starts.

Legal note about the music
This YouTube version above includes music because I purchased the royalty-free license, but I cannot legally transfer that license to others, so the version you download below includes the sound effects, but not the music. You can add your own music to it yourself or pick up the music I used. I got it from (affiliate link) for $19.99. Just search for, “Radio-Tv tools – ROCK 019 (Magnetic Swing).”

Customize this for $19.95!
If you’d like me to customize this video for you with your group’s name and sub-text, you can do so through the LISM Store. Unfortunately, I still cannot include any music for you unless you provide it for me and have acquired the proper licensing.

LinkDownload the youth group video announcement intro

[ Luke McFadden will soon be launching a service that provides on-going video customization work for churches and ministry. Worth checking out! ]

Posted on September 16, 2011

  • Tim, I love the announcement video! However, when I download it, I can't seem to open it? Could you help?

    • Hmm… it's just a Zip file. Worked fine for me. What error are you getting? Maybe try it on a different computer?

  • I figured it out now. For some reason it downloaded as a Word file? ? ? and it wouldn't let me unzip it. I downloaded WinZip and got it? Anyway, thanks! I will use this.

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  • Hey Tim,
    Great clip thanks for making it available. I'm having a very strange issue with it and imovie. When I import it into the imovie all i get is the audio (sound effects) and the opening graphic of the blue cross. after that the sound effects play but no video?? I've been working with imovie for a little while and have never come across this any suggestions? ?


    • Ahh yeah. That often happens because the video you're using is too high quality and taxing on your computer system to keep up with it. Since I believe I made this intro available in full 1080p HD, that might be your problem. That happens to me from time to time even on my newer Macbook Pro. It may not play back in real time on your computer, but if you export it with your video, it should work fine.

      If it doesn't, try opening it in QuickTime and going to "Save As" to save it as an HD 720p file to lower the quality for ya, but still keep it in HD.

  • Sweet thanks!!

  • Brian Weck

    Pond5 is a decent stock media resource, especially for video. Please keep in mind StockFuel as well for your video stock media demands. Cheaper and easier to manage than most. Also, a decent amount of quality video stock files.

  • Joshyourdaddy

    Hey Tim, I cant get the intro video to import into windows movie maker…I know< I know, I should have a mac and all this would not be an issue…getting the senior pastor to release the funds for a mac is pretty impossible so I gotta work with what I have. Any help?

    • Hmm… Not sure why you’d have an issue with Movie Maker with this. Could you try converting it to a WMV or a different file format and try that? There are plenty of Windows tools that should do that for ya for free.

  • Hey Tim, anyway to make the LiveType of Final Cut version of these files available so we can customize them? Thanks!

    • That’s a great idea! Unfortunately, I don’t have the source files anymore. I’ll should make the project files available for future stuff I do like this, though.

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