Freebie Friday #1: Icebreaker games

Youth Ministry FreebiesHere are some icrebreakers I pulled from an old document I found on my computer dated June 2, 2002.

1. 60-Second Mouth Tug-of-War

Tie a marshmallow to the middle of a five-foot string. Make about seven sets of these “Marshmallow Fishlines.” Assemble teams of two at the front of the room. Each pair will be competing against each other. Have each couple stand facing each other about two feet apart. Make sure the string is slack and the marshmallow is resting on a table.

Inform both members of the team that they are to put the free end of the string into their mouth. They are to keep their hands behind their back and not touch the string at all. At the sound of the referee’s whistle, the persons at each end of the string must chew the string, getting as much as possible into their mouth and working towards the marshmallow in the middle.

The time limit is 60 seconds. This contest is a sort of “tug of war” to see who can get to the middle object first. The facial expressions are great , but the best part is when somebody cracks up and spits out about a foot of string they worked so hard to tug. After 60 seconds, see who is closer to the marshmallow and determine the winner.

2. “Life Study” Trivia Quiz Icebreaker

Use these questions as an icebreaker game, pitting the seniors against the rest of the high school divisions. See who knows the most about life trivia! Answers are in CAPS.

Life and exercise: In terms of aerobics, weight loss, and endurance, which of these three is the best exercise?
a. SWIMMING b. cycling c. running d. weight lifting

Life and work: Which state has the biggest ranch in the U.S.? The ranch is a quarter of a million acres.
a. Texas b. HAWAII c. Arizona d. New Mexico

Life and TV: Which type of programming is the most violent, according to experts? This type of TV program shows 30 violent acts per hour.

a. Western shows b. Cop shows c. CARTOON SHOWS d. Science fiction shows

Life and alcohol: Besides being involved in 42% of all fatal auto accidents, alcohol is in 46% of all homicides, 28% of all suicides and 35% of all

a. robberies b. ACCIDENTAL FALLS c. break-ins

3. Most Embarrassing Story

This one is worth a candy bar or a can of Coke to the winner. You will take one contestant at a time and they have 30 seconds to tell the most embarrassing thing that every happened to them. Judge the winner by the reaction of the audience.

We all probably have a lot of youth group material sitting around on our computers doing nothing but collecting digital dust. Why not shake the cobwebs off and let someone else take advantage of it? Send your freebies my way by using the contact me page. Of course you’ll get credit for anything posted here.

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Posted on December 22, 2006

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