Introducing Freebie Friday

Youth Ministry Freebies

I have a Free Youth Ministry Resources page here on my blog where I post a lot of materials that I put together for my own youth ministry and think might be helpful for others. However, in the spirit of Christmas and in promoting the free exchange of youth ministry ideas on the web, I think I can do better than just a blog page.

Every Friday I’d like to make a new resource available for free, either something original I’ve put together on my own or something donated by the online youth ministry community. Freebies may include:

  • Game ideas
  • Bible study lessons
  • Administrative forms
  • Training materials
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Links to other freebies
  • and who knows what else

I know I have a ton of material sitting on my computer that now only sits around collecting digital dust. Some of you may have the same “dusty” resources. If you have something you think is worth contributing, contact me and send it my way. Of course you’ll get credit for anything posted here. (Please, only submit original materials that you have ownership over or materials with explicit permission given by the author for redistribution.)

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Posted on December 15, 2006

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