Freebie Friday #138: Instrumental Reflections mp3 downloads

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The worship director at my father-in-law’s church, Russell Martin, does a pretty regular feature called “Instrumental Reflections” on his blog. He often sits down in front of the piano just to play and worship, which became the inspiration for it:

I started thinking that maybe you would benefit from some recordings of these musical ramblings as a background to your own corporate or personal prayer and reflection times. So… every week I will upload an instrumental reflection. I may use one that I was able to record during a worship service, or go and sit down at the piano and record something new. I will put the songs up here and provide a download link. You are free to use the music for any worship service or other service you wish. All I ask is that you ask me before using it for other purposes, like on a video, compilation CD, or something like that.

Download his mp3s for altar time, devotional music, reflection background music for youth group, or whatever else you could use it for in ministry.

Here’s the category link for his Instrumental Reflections. Click through each title to download the mp3 associated with it and read more about the background behind the music track.

LinkInstrumental Reflections

Our LIVE YM Talk for today is CANCELED. We’ll have to postpone Patti Gibbons until another Friday in September. Enjoy your Friday off!

Posted on August 13, 2009

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