Freebie Friday 179: Youth pastor business card PhotoShop file

Free youth ministry resources every FridayAndreas Fronius has I blog I wish I could read more often called Holy Sheep. It’s pretty much like Life In Student Ministry except for our German friends.

Andreas recently posted his PhotoShop file of a business card for youth pastors. It looks pretty slick, so if you don’t already have a card that’s designed by your church, maybe this would be the perfect fit for you.

I’m curious to know how many youth pastors still use business cards or not. I’m running a poll to find out. Take a second to vote!

The youth pastor business card includes:

  • two sides
  • for any type of business or personal usage
  • easy to edit the information
  • layered PSD file
  • 3.5×2 inches
  • 300 dpi
  • CMYK
  • Print ready

Obviously it requires PhotoShop to edit. If you don’t have PhotoShop, you can get a free 30-day trial from Adobe’s site.

LinkGet the Youth Pastor Business Card [original link, English at the end of the post]

LinkGet the Youth Pastor Business Card [Google Translate link]

Posted on May 28, 2010

  • If you use this and need this printed….I'll beat any advertised price!! From one youth pastor to another!

    Go here to get it done!

  • BLJ

    I am just wondering what you would need a business card for? Last time I checked I work for a church not a business, and my "job" is not just a job, it is a ministry a calling from God, just wondering why I would need a business card? I am sorry if this offends anyone, not meant to, just wondering what's the purpose?

    • Well, how about you call it a "contact information card" instead if you don't like the "business" word. Functions the same way regardless of what you call it.

  • Ryan C.

    I agree mostly with BLJ. I don't think it makes a difference what you call it, either way it has the same feel. It is impersonal and cheesy. Most students and even parents for that matter have a cell phone and can enter your contact info in 2 seconds. I am available to give it out and do give out my contact info, I just feel like the card format is outdated and impersonal, more "business" like if you want to put it that way.

    • That's actually what I do — just give them my number while they enter it into their phones. I don't use business cards at all. However, if you read the comments on the poll above, some youth workers still find "business cards" to be value, especially when interacting with parents who are from the business world. It largely depends on context, I think.

      Read the comments here.

  • Ryan C.

    I here you Tim, I am just wondering though is we need to draw those parents out of the business mindset when it comes to ministry. I hear those who say it is valuable because it helps them connect with parents, and I fully think we need to connect with parents. I am just wondering if maybe we need to show them by our actions that the church is a whole different animal than the business world. Just a thought! Thanks for your thoughts Tim and for taking the time to do this website so conversations like this can occur!

    • Yeah, I get what you're saying, Ryan. For people like you and me, we don't need business cards, but I'm not willing to make a planet statement saying youth pastors in general shouldn't use business cards. I think it's very contextual for your ministry. For a white collar businessman, fun and well-designed business card might reflect a relational aspect that could be the first small step in helping them connect with something deeper. You're right — ministry is definitely a different animal, but some many need a segway into the church world from their business world. I dunno.

      If you've seen the movie To Save A Life, the youth pastor there gives his card to a high school student who then uses it later to contact him. I know it's just a movie, but still, the idea doesn't seem that far fetched to me.

  • I've seen people awkwardly put a phone number into their cell phone and it makes you wonder if they were really putting it in or faking it to get rid of you, so a card (whatever you call it) with your number and an email address can be a resource to use more as an outreach tool in the community or at a school for instance. And by the way there are still kids/people that do not have cell phones, it's not a myth, they do exist. The parents of your students hopefully already have your number. I think these cards are more useful for outreach. I have heard stories and stories of people that have been out of church for a while and wanted to "get back" and found a card or pen in a drawer that someone gave them and they go to that church. You know just saying. I don't use cards but they are useful.

  • I experienced, that I normally don't need a card… But there are moments – minimum 5 times a year – , when i absolutely need one. New contacts who i just met on the street, people that are new to our church and don't have contacts, new kids in the youthgroup, their parents…

    … When i one day will have the budget, i will definitely have one :-)

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