Freebie Friday #37: Photo scavenger hunt sheet

Freebie FridayThis week’s Freebie Friday is donated by Chris Wheeler, the Youth and Family Director at First UMC in Kennett, Missouri. I can tell she put a lot of work into this point sheet for a photo scavenger hunt around town. It sounds like a blast! Here are my favorites:

  • Picture of everyone in the group wearing some sort of Cardinals apparel – 10 points
  • Picture from inside a car getting washed in a car wash – 5 points
  • Picture of the entire group in a bathtub – 10 points
  • Picture of someone in police handcuffs – 15 points

Personally, I like to add a lot of zeros to the end of my game point system to make it sound more exciting. For example, everything that’s worth 10 points is now worth 1,000 or 10,000 points and anything worth 15 points is now worth 1,500 or 15,000 points. I know mathematically it doesn’t make a difference — it just sounds cooler.

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Posted on September 7, 2007

  • This is awesome… we’re actually doing a photo scavenger hunt tonight and I’m scrambling trying to think up a few extra clues! Thanks Chris & Tim!

  • Tim

    Sweet! Good timing then, huh? :)

  • Divine timing ;)

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  • Luke

    Lovin’ the freebies, Tim. So much that I noticed this is the second #36 in a row.

  • Tim

    lol! Oh man, you’re right. I did this once before, but no one noticed (or at least no one said anything).

  • Our scavenger hunt turned out to be a great time! Some tips for anyone else who does one:
    -Create clues based on your local surroundings… I found it helpful to have specific landmarks and objects in mind when creating riddles.
    -Create clues where students have to interact with people… We had them borrow a dog and take it for a walk, order a Starbucks drink under a different name, and find someone who uses a nickname.
    -Have a good balance of cryptic clues and straightforward tasks. Make the cryptic ones worth more.
    -Have fun!

    For more reflections on our event, visit my site!

  • Tim

    Excellent! Thanks, Luke!

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