Freebie Friday #6: Read-to-go Lock-in materials

Freebie Friday: Free youth ministry lock-in materialsIn the spirit of my youth group’s lock-in last weekend, here are all my planning materials from my last three years of lock-ins! The zip file includes pretty much everything you need to pull off a great all-nighter (except for the dedicated volunteers, food, game materials, and facility):

  • Three different lock-in schedules
  • Over 40 game ideas
  • Two outreach/evangelistic talks

Even if you don’t plan on holding a lock-in anytime soon, this resource is still helpful for the game ideas and evangelism lessons, which can be used for any event or youth group meeting.

Note: I originally put these materials together for my use only, so there may be gaps of information or things that aren’t explain too well. Sorry! If you have a question about something, you can always feel free to contact me.


CONTRIBUTE TO FREEBIE FRIDAY: If you’ve benefited from others who have freely shared their youth ministry resources online, consider giving back to the community by sharing your own materials here. Send me your donations for review and if I publish them in a Freebie Friday, you’ll receive full credit, a link, lots of gratitude and a warm feeling inside that comes from sharing with others.

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Posted on January 26, 2007

  • Tho I certainly haven’t ready all the links to your lock in ideas.. they are certainly helpful.
    You should PRINT and sell them. I know some who would buy !! ME and my church !

    People need ideas so badly. And that keeps the kids from getting unruly, when they’re kept busy..

    We’ve had to do youth/children’s work for so many years, we had to come up with ideas.. so good to see how much God has enabled you!! And with that talented wife to help.. you’ve got it made !! in the shade !

    God bless and continue your wonderful ministries..
    G’ma B and G’pa H.

  • Tim

    You’re welcome! I’m glad it can be helpful for someone. I’d rather make it available for free than charge for it, though, so how about ya donate the money to missions or something instead. :)

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  • Kendy Swartzedruber

    Thanks a million – these are fantastic ideas! I know the kids will LOVE our lock in. It’s very nice of you to take the time to share these ideas with the masses.

    God Bless

  • Sharie

    THank-you so much. We are planning our 1st lock-in at our church with this newly formed youth group. We have met 3 times and we have doubled the group size in the past 2 months. Your game ideas will only help to bring youth to our group…..God Bless you…from a small church in Stone Harbor, NJ…..(we’re located 2 blocks from the ocean)

  • Thanks for these ideas, Tim.


  • Virginia

    I am having trouble downloading the lock-in materials. Do you have these saved in Microsoft office or in another way I might can view them in?

    Virginia Herrera

    • shakeia

      how to unzip to access the files that is my problem

  • @ Virginia: The download seems to work fine for me. You’ll have to unzip it on your computer first to access all the files.

  • Thanks for the information I really enjoyed looking at your lock-in ideas and the ability to bring new life into the youth here, thanks a lot, God bless!!!
    Robert Dickson

  • Holy Angels

    Thank you so much for sharing your valuable programs with the public.
    It helped me with planning my church lock-in so much more than you can imagine, and I’m sure my youth group will have the greatest time ever! Thanks again!

  • Karina Cabrales

    God bless you for blessing us…big time!

  • Deborah Wilkerson

    Thank You for the ideas they are great ones. I will be using some of them for a children’s lock in. We will have some parents too, they will be able to join in the fun. I can’t wait to try your ideas out.

  • Carol York

    I am so thankful to have found your website, and praise God that He put it in your heart to share your info for FREE! I’m a volunteer, interim youth leader with only 2 regular attending youth. And did I mention they don’t want to be there? One is the pastor’s daughter and the other is a deacon’s grandson. I’m looking for things to help get area youth interested in coming and to excite the few we do have to learn more about our wonderful God. Thank you so much!

  • @ Carol York: You’re welcome! Glad you find it beneficial.

    • shakeia

      tim i cant unlock the zip files what do i do

  • Thank you so much for sharing this stuff! I’ve got a lock-in coming up in a week, and was doing some last-minute desperate searching for ideas. This is so helpful!
    Lord bless you.

  • Micah

    Thanks for the free info. I’ve got a lock-in coming up in 4 days! OUCH! Nothing like a little last-minute crunch to get the blood flowing, huh?

    You’re a life-saver.

  • Beth Fitzgerald

    Wow, thank you so much for all the lock in information. We are having our first lock in for our youth group in Oct. I have printed off the documents and will be using all of this. Thank you, Thank you so much!!

    Beth Fitzgerald, Orchard Hills church of the holy spirit

  • Joshua Veglahn

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I have a feeling this will be our best lock in yet. Your games are great, the devotions are perfect length and activities are thoughtful. Best of all the lessons are very sound biblical teaching.

    Joshua – Wisconsin

  • shane

    Hey!!! You are awesome. Cant say thank you enough!

  • Nancy Holec

    Thank you so much!!! We appreciate these tools!! Great blessing!!!

  • agarcia

    this was a great blessing to have i cant wait to try all the ideas at our youth lock in in a couple of weeks

  • Terry

    I am going to have a Lock In for the youth at our church and thank God that you had these ideas available for anyone to use. I was almost going to talk myself out of not doing the lock in, just because I had no idea of what to do. I will use an much information that I can to make it easier for me to get it planned out. I pray that you will God will bless you abundantly for doing this.

  • Great to hear your story, Adriana! Glad you're serving the teens at your church!

  • Tim, thank you so much for these guides! I have a lock in a week, and I was looking for some new ideas!! God bless you and your work!! :D

  • steve

    We are having a youth lock-in in a couple of weeks. Do you have any suggestions for some games??

  • Andrea

    Thank you so much for being a blessing to the kingdom. The fact that you are not selling this information speaks volumes to your integrity, honor toward God and the love for the redemption of souls. I honor you man of God and I speak release to your harvest of every good seed sown. Be encouraged and know that God is not unrighteous to forget your labor of love. You are in my prayers…

    • Thanks! I'm glad it can bless you and your ministry. :)

  • sms

    We thank God for you and for His provision of your website and helpful schedule complete with activities and devotional message. The supplies for the activities were inexpensive and easily purchased at Wal-Mart.

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