Fun weekend in Minnesota

Dana and I just got back from a great weekend in Minnesota visiting my brother, his wife and daughter and my former pastor’s new church. As a born and raised Texan, my wife has never seen more than 2 inches of snow nor has she ever seen a frozen lake, let alone ride a snowmobile on one. It was great to see everyone again and do our premarital counseling 6-month follow-up (one month early) with Pastor Rol.

Tim and Ruby

Tim, Dana and Ruby

Dana on a lake

Tim on a snowmobile

Tim, Dana, Pastor Rol and Joyce

Posted on December 19, 2006

  • CBQ

    Where did you find a frozen lake in MN? because seriously, i live in ND, realy close to MN, and we have nothing that frozen that I know of. at least where i would feel safe being on a snowmobile! brown christmas here, which i am kind of sad about!


  • david

    Looks like tons of fun, i’ve never ridden a snowmobile bit it looks sweet. Glad you got some snow for your visit! anything from the 80 degree weather here in houston sounds good.

  • Tim

    This was about an hour an a half northwest of Minneapolis. Last weekend was a unusually warm for them (in the 40s Fahrenheit), but some of the lakes were still frozen enough to play on. Fun times!

  • Tim

    Seriously, David. When Dana and I arrived back at our apartment in Dallas we felt weird turning on the air conditioning to cool it off a little. There’s just something wrong about having to use air conditioning a week before Christmas.

  • CBQ

    that is sweet…i grew up about 4 hrs NW of minneapolis, near fargo/moorhead

  • prossy

    you really had fun!!….i have never experienced that before!!…i wish i could..
    God bless.

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