House hunt in Minnesota: Mission complete!

Dana and I just arrived home from spending a couple days in Minnesota searching for a house. It’s hard to believe the move is less than two weeks away! Dana put a lot of time and energy into finding good housing options for us before we flew out there and, thanks to the help of a special friend up there, we were able eliminate a lot of options before we even arrived. Still, we checked out a lot of houses in only two days. It was tough to find a house that suits our needs and is also within our budget, but we did it! We decided to rent a house from a family that volunteers with the youth group and then buy something around this time next year. The house we’re renting is huge, plus it’s right on a lake and only 5 miles from church. At first we thought the house might be a little too big for us, but given some thought and creativity, it’ll be perfect for cozy meetings and entertaining students. We’re very blessed to have such a nice house provided for us as we move into the area.

More pictures of the house
Video of the house on YouTube


Minnesota house outside #1

Minnesota house outside #2

Minnesota house outside #3

Minnesota house inside #1

Minnesota house inside #2

Posted on January 31, 2007

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