House hunt in Minnesota: Mission complete!

Dana and I just arrived home from spending a couple days in Minnesota searching for a house. It’s hard to believe the move is less than two weeks away! Dana put a lot of time and energy into finding good housing options for us before we flew out there and, thanks to the help of a special friend up there, we were able eliminate a lot of options before we even arrived. Still, we checked out a lot of houses in only two days. It was tough to find a house that suits our needs and is also within our budget, but we did it! We decided to rent a house from a family that volunteers with the youth group and then buy something around this time next year. The house we’re renting is huge, plus it’s right on a lake and only 5 miles from church. At first we thought the house might be a little too big for us, but given some thought and creativity, it’ll be perfect for cozy meetings and entertaining students. We’re very blessed to have such a nice house provided for us as we move into the area.

More pictures of the house
Video of the house on YouTube


Minnesota house outside #1

Minnesota house outside #2

Minnesota house outside #3

Minnesota house inside #1

Minnesota house inside #2

Posted on January 31, 2007

  • Ben

    Nice pad, bro!

    Definitely good for youth group. It almost looks like a multi-level youth room! Well, a nice looking youth room that is.

    Best wishes to you in your move!!!

  • Tim

    Thanks Ben! The move date and coming up so fast! Less than two weeks and we've barely started packing. Whew!

  • Yeah! Nice place. Congratulations.

  • Buster's Mom

    Tim and Dana,
    Can you believe what the Lord has provided for ya'll? Wow, your home is simply beautiful and is soon to be filled with kids, kids and more kids. Ruth had Roger come out and inspect everything yesterday and the house passed with flying colors. It's going to be great to have you here in Alexandria. Stay healthy, get lots of rest, and pack those boxes!!

    Much love and prayers for a safe move to MN.

  • the house is freaking awesome. Does the wakeboard boat come with the house? ON THE LAKE. Man. What a blessing. I know we have never met in person … but if we are in the neighborhood … hint hint.

    Seriously … it is a great place. I don't think I caught where in MN. A few years back Lori (my wife) and I were about to move to the St. Cloud area to plant a cell church. Funding fell through. We loved St. Cloud.

    wayne gooden

  • Tim

    Thanks guys, we love the house too. The landlords are very generous to provide such a place within our budget. Dana and I will enjoy it until we purchase or build a house sometime next year.

    Wayne, St. Cloud is about an hour away. A lot of the people from the town we're moving to often go there for shopping or doctor visits.

  • CBQ

    Beautiful! I wish i could find a house like that to rent! It will be especially amazing in the summer!

    God Bless you during this transition!

  • Sarah

    I love the house!! That's going to be a perfect place to have the youth over for get togethers, bible studies, etc. God is good and He works in miraculous ways, I'm glad you found the perfect place and I pray for a safe and easy move for the both of you.

  • Tim

    Thanks, Sarah! The people renting it to us are very generous. I'm looking forward to the ministry that will take place there because of them. :)

  • Lynn

    I can't believe i haven't been reading this!!! MN??? WOW!!!! Well, may the Lord bless both of you on your new journies!!

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