Good night at youth group

You know it’s been a good night at youth group when you walk away with a sore throat and wonder why it’s only an hour and a half long. We started out with some human bowling on skateboards, something I’ve never tried before. We set up 10 2-liter bottles filled with water at the end of an “ally” set off with orange cones. The concept is pretty simple: be the team with the most points at the end of 10 frames. Sit a team member on the skateboard and then launch ’em down the “ally” into the “pins.” I don’t think there’s one girl who went down that ally without screaming. :lol: The girls beat the guys by 4 points. Of course when the game is over what better thing to do with the water-filled 2-liter bottles than start throwing them into the air to watch ’em explode on impact. Most of us got kinda wet. ;) When we went inside and met up in the youth room a student named Bianca and I played a little joke on the group, which was pretty funny. I also felt like the lesson went pretty well. Most of the students who were gone for the summer have returned, so we had our normal Wednesday night group of 20-some kids again. Good times. Afterwards I started talking with a girl about creation/evolution, which she’s really interested in. So I gave her some books from my office library to borrow that address the issue from a Christian perspective. She seemed pretty eager to read ’em, which is cool. I felt bad, though, because I know there’s another student that wanted to talk with me a little more privately about something, but by the time I finished with the evolution/creation girl that other student was already on their way out the door with their parent. God’s in control, though, so I guess it’s something He wants the student to work through by themselves for the time-being. These kids are in His hands, not mine. I just like to hear what’s going on with them and how I might be of help.

To transition to the mundane, I’m coordinating a Guild Wars tournament between 8 guilds. So far it’s all coming together nicely. It’ll be a lot of fun, I’m sure…. Just thought I’d throw that news in there too. ;)

Posted on August 17, 2005

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