Great links to check out (Vol 9)

If you haven’t checked out all the ideas on, “You might be a youth worker if, redneck style” you definitely need to! There’s almost 300 suggestions given by other youth workers and most of them are hilarious! Here’s the top 10 as determined by me, my wife and one of my church youth workers:

Top 10: “You might be a youth worker if”

10. If you go to a restaurant with your in-laws and your wife kicks you under the table to keep you from shooting the paper straw cover. [Paul]

9. If you’ve ever declared, “Dude, that would be sooooo hardcore!” in response to a senior pastor’s suggestion. [Tammie]

8. If people pull up to a red light and find you with the bass cranked up singing at the top of your lungs in the church van. [Amy]

7. If you have ever considered the idea of going to a buffet and then to Wal-mart to buy laxatives and see who can “hold it” the longest, you might be a youth worker. [Ryan]

6. If you check to see how much hair is growing on the milk that expired in 2006 in the church frig, but you don’t throw it out because you think you can turn it into a lesson somehow. [Ryan]

5. If your senior pastor catches you playing football in the lobby by the glass entry doors and says to you, “You shouldn’t be doing that” while standing in front of the students and you wait until he walks away to resume the game because it’s 3rd and 1 and you’re about to score to win the game. [Chris]

4. If you’ve ever had to punish someone for something that deep down you thought was the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. [Chad]

3. If you can make life applications from watching Dumb and Dumber, you might be a youth worker. [Ryan]

2. If you have ever said to yourself, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this!” and “They don’t pay me enough for this” all in the same night. [Brian]

1. If you get to heaven and it takes six angels to carry around you crown. [Brian]

Okay, now on to the links for you to check out.

Facebook: More popular than porn
Apparently the more people use social networking sites, the less they visit porn sites.

Survivor Lock-in
Once again, Steve comes up with another great youth ministry resource. He posted all the ideas you need to hold a Survivor Lock-in: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.

250 Things You Wish You Knew That Will Guarantee Your Speaking Success
The title says it all. What a list! [ht Lifehacker]

People of Prayer – an evening of creative prayer for young people
Grahame pumps out great youth ministry resources like a factory! Here’s a lesson plan to take your students through an evening of prayer.

How to be a good listener
Effective communication starts with knowing how to be a good listener. Here’s an excellent list of steps, tips and warnings on how to be a good listener. [via Lifehacker]

Everything I know about presentations I learned in theater school
Some great tips and insights covering public speaking and presentations. Looks at both the content and technique. [via Lifehacker]

Looking at Youth Ministry Part 1
A perspective on why youth ministry is failing from a UK Calvinist. I actually agree with a lot of it.

7 Ways I’d Love to See Youth Ministry Change
Plus some free youth ministry curriculum!

Tech Support as Ministry
I never thought about doing this as an official ministry team, but it makes sense. I’ve personally gained many tremendous ministry opportunities to unsaved people through going to their homes and helping with computer-related issues.

Pimp my Internet Bible
Another review of, although I still prefer myself.

A challenge to use technology to build kids up rather than tearing them down.

Posted on December 4, 2007

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