Great links to check out (Vol. 8 )

How to run a youth leadership meeting
A good summary on how to run a youth leadership meeting by Brett.

Popularity contests make me sick
A cool idea for getting kids to interact with scripture.

Teens and the Internet
A video of a CNN interview with Anastasia Goodstein about what kids are really doing online.

Acquire the Fire
Yet another rant about Acquire The Fire by a youth pastor.

Record Breakers: A themed youth evening of challenges and reflection.
Newspaper night: A themed youth evening of icebreakers, games and talk!
Parachute Night: A themed youth evening of co-operative games and reflection
Three great posts from Grahame containing many great games and activities for building relationships within your youth group.

Little Miss Sunshine game
Looks like a fun game that’s sure to mix your kids up and maybe wear them out in the process.

Video of Willow Creek’s findings that classes and programs aren’t working
This is by the executive pastor at Willow Creek Church, Greg Hawkins. If you haven’t watched it yet, I strongly encourage you to do so.

What makes teens happy?
A CBS report that family makes teens happier than anything else. Not really sure why this is new news. I blogged about it almost a year ago.

Free youth ministry stuff
A compilation of links to free ministry resource by churches who make their material available online.

If I pod, and you tube, what do wii do?
These YouTube videos of Bible Stories With Graham are hilarious! lol

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Posted on November 14, 2007

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