Growing old with you, Dana

Dana, the wedding is just a week away! This is for you (except for the dishes and drinking part). ;) I love you and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

Posted on July 14, 2006

  • I am so in love with you. You really cheered up my day with this. I’m excited about the wedding, still in disbelief that my dream of a wedding is coming true next week, and especially to the guy of my dreams. God has done a lot of work in our lives to prepare us for this time of our life. I’m still procrastinating everything I need to do before the wedding…which isn’t smart. I need to start packing up all my things so I can move in with you after the honeymoon.

    I love you so much. Have a wonderful time at Phillip and Jessica’s wedding. I hope it makes you even more excited about our wedding instead of nervous about it. Take lots of pictures since I can’t make it.

    I love you! :grin:

  • We are getting married a week from today! And I couldn’t sleep in past 7am this morning with everything on my mind. That’s not a good sign if I’m gonna want to get some sort of rest the night before the wedding. Maybe I can get my room packed today and relax a little more?

  • This video is coming in handy now. When I need a break to relax it’s good for me to watch. Thanks! :wink:

  • deannnaaa

    Haha thats SO cute. and funny lol

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