Guest Blogger: What I learned a month after leaving youth ministry

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Thanks to Gerrard Fess of Deep Thoughts by Gman for writing this guest post for Life In Student Ministry!

Top 10 things to know a month after being a post-youth pastor.
by Gerrard R. Fess

1. Your investment in teen’s lives wasn’t the number #1 influencer – seems their parents are still influencing them.

2. References from your former church are important! So don’t burn any bridges.

3. Don’t expect to be called on by your former church. After a few weeks they have moved on. It is a little harder for you though since you were there a few years.

4. Learn to spend lots and lots of time in prayer.

5. Remember how important you thought your Bible College and Seminary degree were? Turns out in applying for jobs outside of ministry – it is only worth the paper it is on.

6. Get some counseling. Counseling never hurt anyone. It is good to know where your heart is at. Your relationships with God, family and others are vital. It is best to know one’s self.

7. Network. Network with as many people as possible to get that position. So often it isn’t what you know as to who you know and their contacts. A big source of encouragement as well.

8. Friendships are important. Those volunteers that you invested your life into – let them now invest in you. Your past sponsors can be the best source of encouragement and help you with references, resume help, and just helping with the family.

9. Keep your attitude positive. If God called you to step out on the water, then He’ll help you walk on the water too. Right now I’m stepping – just don’t know about the walking.

10. Just because you are done this chapter of being a “formal” youth worker doesn’t mean youth ministry is totally behind you. God maybe changing your calling but past lessons and helping others goes a long ways. Just like Joseph Wrestled with an Angel. So we too can struggle with our own calling and where God would have us.


Gerrard Fess recently resigned from his Youth & Family Minister position and is currently searching for where the Lord might be leading him in the mainstream marketplace.

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Posted on April 30, 2008

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