Heartfelt words of affirmation for my Dad

Tim and Jerry SchmoyerThis Christmas my mom asked that my brothers, sisters and me write a list of affirmations about my dad for her to compile together for him in a book. Since “words of affirmation” are his primary love language, she thought this would be the best way for the family to communicate our love and appreciation for all he’s done for the family. How fitting to begin my blog for 2007 by expressing my thanks and gratitude to him publicly.

Thanks, Dad, for everything and your influence that has helped shape me into the person I am today!

  • You’ve modeled servanthood to me.
  • You’ve shown me what it means to be the spiritual leader of a family.
  • You’ve demonstrated that church and God should always be our #1 priority.
  • You’ve instilled positive spiritual experiences within me.
  • You listen to our tough decisions and respond with wisdom.
  • You set an example for humility.
  • You’re dedicated to your family.
  • You’ve shown me that serving others is more important than serving myself.
  • You’ve challenged me to take every situation to God in prayer.
  • You showed us respect by listening to us while disciplining.
  • Your love and support for me is very evident in all that I do.
  • Thanks for teaching us family values and investing into me personally.
  • Thanks for modeling diligence and faithfulness in spite of difficulties and opposition.
  • You’ve challenged me to pray about every decision, big and small.
  • Your love and support is always evident.
  • You taught me that scripture is dependable and is the foundation of life.
  • You’re a great model of the necessary balance between ministry, family, relaxation and staying fit.
  • Thanks for caring so much about our upbringing that you invested countless hours into home schooling us.
  • Your continued quest for knowledge and understanding inspires me to do the same.
  • You willingness to try new and sometimes uncomfortable things challenges me to do the same.
  • I pray that one day I will be able to pass on to my children the abundance of spiritual knowledge and insight that you’ve passed on to me.
  • Thanks for modeling a life that is devoted to God.
  • Your constant availability to your young children shows how much you care for us in being a stable presence in our lives.
  • Thanks for immediately changing your ministry responsibilities when I asked you to attend my wrestling matches.
  • You helped me choose friends wisely and encouraged me to be the one to influence them.
  • You taught me that the heart and romance are immensely valuable and should always be addressed with prayerful consideration.
  • You demonstrated that your wife always comes before children and ministry.
  • I figure if you can find time to exercise and stay in shape, then there’s no excuse why I can’t either.
  • Through your example I’ve learned to be wise with the financial resources God’s provided, as small or large as they might be.
  • While growing up I was greatly influenced by watching you trust God with little details.
  • You’ve shown me that gifts from the Lord are always meant to be shared with others.

Posted on January 2, 2007

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