Honeymoon pictures posted

Whew! I spent most of today re-building my blog here. There’s still some dead links and features around here that aren’t working right, but I’ll continue to work on it as time permits and figure it all out.

I’m now using Google’s Picasa Web Albums for storing and organizing pictures since it integrates so nicely with Picasa, a free photo management tool from Google that I’ve come to love. Earlier today I uploaded our honeymoon pictures, which can be seen here: We’re still waiting for our wedding pictures, but be assured that they’ll be posted just as soon as we get our hands on ’em. :) Feel free to post any comments on our pictures!

The honeymoon went great. We spent the wedding night at a hotel in Little Rock and then Sunday drove to Eureka Springs, AR where we spent a week in a little cabin that overlooked Beaver Lake. It was such a relaxing and restful time for both of us. We enjoyed touring caverns, swimming in the lake, riding wave runners, canoe trips, hiking, riding trains, and just walking around the historic district of town. The pictures will give a better idea of how wonderful everything was.

Dana posted some other pictures on her blog and wrote more about the wedding and honeymoon. Check ’em out!

Posted on August 2, 2006

  • Woohoo! Honeymoon! ;)

  • kim

    i am such a dope! after i got the wedding invitation i made a point of putting it somewhere easily accessible so i could get you guys a wedding present, and apparently that “easily accessible” place was also an “easy to lose” place b/c i couldn’t remember where i put it for the longest time until i stumbled upon it recently. i realized it was almost too late to send a gift, so again, i made a mental point of getting you guys something soon, and i again lost it! argh! i’m sorry! i guess it doesn’t matter now since you aren’t still registered wherever you were registered. please let me know what your address is, though, so i can at least send a proper congratulations card/note/gift/etc. and, oh yeah, CONGRATULATIONS!! i’m so happy for the two of you! :-)

  • Kim, the registry at Bed Bath and Beyond will stay online for 2 years, not sure about Target, but they still have it up. So now you’ve got 2 years to find your notes! :)

  • Lynn

    love the pics.. not sure about the one of you two in bed… a little too much info.. ;)

  • G’ma & G’pa Wayman

    Fun to get and print the pictures.
    Thanks.. for this modern method !!
    God bless abundantly..
    and lead..
    LUV prayers abiding,
    G’ma Betty & G’pa Hugh

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